10 top Insurance Schools In California

top Insurance Schools In California

If you intend to have a renowned training on insurance, this article on the insurance schools in California is a perfect fit for you.

An agreement known as an insurance policy offers financial protection or compensation against losses from an insurance agency to a person or an organization.

In order to make payments to the insured more manageable, the company pools the risks of its clients.

Individuals who are interested in being in the financial management and insurance space must attend an insurance school and must also pass the state exam.

A certificate and a license will then be offered to the students, who can then go ahead to partner with insurance companies or even set up their own agencies.


Insurance Schools In California

Here are some of the insurance schools in California.

  • 1. Mike Russ Financial Training Centers

Since 1979, Mike Russ Financial Training Centers, Inc. has provided pre-licensing services for the state of California.

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There are four training facilities operated by Mike Russ Financial Training Centers, Inc. in Southern California.

San Diego, Anaheim, Upland, or Woodland Hills are all options for students to take classes. Mike Russ Financial Training Centers, Inc. are very dedicated to serving their students. They will make sure to make every effort to help you succeed on your test.

Address: 421 N Brookhurst St #134, Anaheim, CA 92801, United States

Contact: +1 800-724-5661

  • 2. Auto Agents Insurance School

If one of your goals include establishing your own insurance agency, the team at Auto Agents Insurance School will provide the support you need so you can accomplish this goal.

They make sure to walk you through every step thoroughly and make everything as simple as it can get.

Due to their expertise and fifty years of insurance business experience, they are unique because they are the only institution that offers this. For novices, Auto Agents Insurance School offers a live, interactive classroom environment.

For better understanding, classroom teaching is provided at a practical level. Ninety questions make up the state license exam; with sixty-three accurate responses, you pass.

The licenses for broker, agent, and solicitor are all available to you if you pass. Prior to sitting for the state exam, you must visit their work station for the practice test.

Address: 2551 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023, United States

Contact: +1 323-268-4116

  • 3. Commercial Insurance Training Services

Commercial insurance careers are growing and expanding quickly. However, firms are having trouble finding enough individuals with expertise in commercial lines of work. You might make up the talent gap.

This organization teaches you to become proficient in the skills designed to handle a successful commercial portfolio and create commercial solutions.

You will also receive technical and hands-on training through the use of possible situation experiments and even partnership with insurance industry experts. They encourage an help you to build the abilities you need to secure your career’s future.

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The course available enables you to develop a wealth of experience naturally. You also get to learn how to evaluate risks and how to use your knowledge in a variety of situations by using case studies.

Address: 1101 California Ave #100, Corona, CA 92881, United States

Contact: +1 888-754-4271

  • 4. Alliance Schools For Cooperative Insurance

The community of schools known as the Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs provides for the insurance and risk management requirements of schools.

For the sake of students in public schools and institutions, the agency safeguards and conserves educational resources. It specializes in programs for self-funded workers’ compensation as well as property and liabilities.

The committees for claim and insurance, investment, damage management, marketing, assessment, and medical benefits are run by the Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs.

In addition to general and vehicle liability, property, legal expenditure, and criminal programmes, the organization is based in Cerritos, California. Alhambra Unified School District, Vallejo City Unified School District, Alpine County Office of Education, and Colton Joint Unified School District are considered its members.

Address: 16550 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703, United States

Contact: +1 562-404-8029

  • 5. Affordable Educators

Affordable Educators are keen to provide you with up-to-date resources, which makes their training more inventive.

They cover subjects in their content that you may apply to your business. Clear case studies that show superior methods in action are also made available.

Affordable Educators also cover the standards you should be aware of, and specialized industries to investigate. Even more comprehensive sales advice is available in their study.

They make sure to focus on making training simpler. They also provide clear directions and learning materials so you may complete your course more quickly.

Affordable Educators have provided quick and inexpensive continuous learning for the insurance, bail, and private detective businesses for more than 25 years. Additionally, there is 100% online training for insurance pre-licensing that includes free exam preparation and professional assistance at every stage.

Address: Jefferson Ave, Temecula, CA 92590, United States

Contact: +1 800-498-5100

  • 6. LyteSpeed Learning

LyteSpeed Learning’s goal is to provide individuals with Internet access to experts seeking the most up-to-date, cutting-edge, and government approved insurance programs and courses.

Since 1995, LyteSpeed Learning has been committed to the insurance and financial industries to provide high-quality professional insurance pre-licensing, lifelong learning, test preparation, and corporate training seminars and programs.

With a focus on the utilization of cutting-edge material, technology, and delivery systems, LyteSpeed is dedicated to the continued creation and distribution of pertinent educational content, study aids, and e-learning systems.

Address: 874 Patriot Dr E, Moorpark, CA 93021, United States

Contact: +1 818-905-5123

  • 7. America’s Training Center Online

Although America’s Training Center Online is based in Citrus Heights, California, they¬† also provide instruction online.

Twelve certifications are available through this institution, with the Property and Liability License, Insurance License, and Food Handler Certification receiving the most reviews. Depending on the certification, the length of time needed to finish this education course varies from 36 hours to 2 weeks, with a typical completion time of 6.5 days.

Depending on the qualification, attending America’s Training Center Online can cost as little as $80 to as much as $500, with a typical price of $250.

Excellent teachers and a positive atmosphere are some of the advantages of attending America’s Training Center Online which are most frequently mentioned.

Others include decent preparation for a job and practical experience. There have been twenty reviews of America’s Training Center Online with an average score of 4.65 out of 5.

Address: 7889 Lichen Dr #329, Citrus Heights, CA 95621, United States

Contact: +1 800-669-4799

  • 8. Insurance Education Association

By designing and implementing professional development and training and education in risk assessment, disability management, and workers’ insurance, the Insurance Education Association supports the community tremendously.

The Fire Underwriters Association of the Pacific (FUAP), which was founded in 1876 in San Francisco, California following the Gold Rush construction boom, is where the origin of IEA begins.

They are dedicated to provide personal and professional growth in the modern day to a team with shifting needs.

To meet their learners where they are and assist them in achieving their objectives, IEA provides a wide range of programs, conferences, and on-demand coaching.

They take pride in their contribution to the industry’s higher operating standards and superior risk assessments.

Address: 400 Continental Blvd Suite 250, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Contact: +1 800-655-4432

  • 9. Quick Learning School, LLC.

In 1983, Quick Learning School, LLC. was founded in San Jose, California. They have dedicated themselves to offering the best quality education in insurance, finance, and property investment for more than twenty years.

They provide a welcoming, efficient, and helpful environment for their students. Their objective is to assist the students in passing more than 90percent in total of their correspondence courses and government exams. They provide the highest quality services at the most affordable prices.

In order to guarantee that their students pass the license exam on their first try, they also provide easy home study, online, and prep classes.

Quick Learning School, LLC., a renowned innovator in education institutions for the insurance, securities, and real estate industries, is dedicated to educational quality.

Address: 1885 Lundy Ave # 210, San Jose, CA 95131, United States

Contact: +1 408-453-8133

  • 10. Infinity Schools

One of the most reputable and well-known insurance schools in the country offering pre licensing and ongoing education is Infinity Schools. Since 1993, they have been teaching students in insurance around the country.

Since its establishment in 1993, their insurance school has been used by more than a quarter million people. Convenience, affordability, and clarity are all just a keyboard click away with their online insurance school! Their expertise is in bringing you in and also keeping you in the insurance industry.

Stay clear of other insurance schools that retain a non-refundable administration fee if you decide to cancel your order for any reason, or that charge you an extra enrollment fee if you don’t finish your program within sixty days of your registration date.

Infinity schools offer affordable insurance exam preparation with high-quality results at no additional registration or withdrawal costs.

Our three-step strategy to setting you up for the California insurance exam offered by the California Department of Insurance is included in their insurance prelicense training programmes, which starts at only $19.95.

If you would like to work in the insurance industry, there are professional training for insurance agents which includes:

  1. Online training courses
  2. Instructional video streaming
  3. Exam simulation software

Address: 1310 Esplanade #317, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, United States

Contact: +1 800-600-2550

Conclusion on the insurance schools in California

Insurance schools are increasing in number daily, and choosing the right and perfect school to attend might prove difficult.

Overtime, insurance schools have provided students who cannot be physically present due to distance with online training at a very subsidized rate.

It is important to choose the right school that offers courses that will create opportunities for you in the future, and also help you establish your own insurance agency if that is your goal.

Insurance schools in California Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you will find the answers to some of the top questions about the insurance schools in California;

  1. How long does it take to get an insurance license in California?

Once they get the necessary paperwork, the Department normally needs Four weeks to process and issue your insurance license.

When your application is accepted, you will get an email with a link to the Department’s website where you can access and print your insurance license.

  1. What disqualifies you from getting an insurance license in California?

Any criminal history, (apart from juvenile crimes) any active felony charges at the time your application is submitted (including DUIs, dangerous driving convictions, driving while license is suspended convictions, misdemeanor charges, felony charges, military crime, etc.).

  1. What is a passing score on the California insurance exam?

You must receive a passing grade of 60% or better on all insurance examinations. Immediately following your examination, you will be notified of your results.

  1. How many times can you take the California insurance exam?

A candidate in California is prohibited from taking the same exam for a year after failing any insurance licensing examination ten times in the previous year.


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10 top Insurance Schools In California

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