10 Top rated Insurance Brokers in Glasgow

Top rated Insurance Brokers in Glasgow

Insurance brokers in Glasgow will be responsible for selling insurance plans to new customers, upselling plans to existing customers, and cultivating long-term relationships. As an insurance broker, there a many skills that are required of you for excellent service delivery.

You should have extensive knowledge of available insurance products, a passion for sales, and excellent interpersonal skills to be a successful insurance broker.

A great insurance broker builds long-term relationships with clients by finding them the best product for their needs.


Insurance Brokers in Glasgow

Top Insurance Brokers in Glasgow are listed below.

  1. Laurie Ross Insurance – Partick, Glasgow

Since 1973, Laurie Ross has been in business. That was back when they’d go to the local broker to arrange their insurance, pick up their cover note, and then go to the post office to get their tax sorted out. Times have changed, and technology has undoubtedly made their lives easier.

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While Laurie Ross has embraced technology to help them deliver efficiencies to their customers, they have never lost sight of the fact that people buy from people.

Laurie Ross Insurance provides a variety of insurance products. They cover Car, Home, Bike, Van, Taxi, and Business insurance and have branches throughout central Scotland. Laurie Ross understands how important insurance is to their clients, and they are committed to providing a product that meets their clients’ individual needs at a competitive price.

They spend time with their customers, either in person or over the phone, in their local high street branches, and as an independent insurance broker, they will search the market on their clients’ behalf.

Contact: +441419461111

Address: 255 Dumbarton Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 6AB, United Kingdom

  1. Affinity Brokers Ltd

Affinity Brokers Ltd is an independent commercial insurance broker dedicated to providing their business and personal clients with the right insurance cover, wherever they are in the UK.

Many of their team members previously worked for some of the world’s largest and most reputable insurance companies, and some of their senior managers were themselves underwriters.

As a result, their experts are exactly that: they have a passion for assisting clients and the knowledge to secure the most appropriate coverage available on their behalf. One-way communication has never been the foundation of a good relationship.

By discussing this with them, they will take the time to find an insurance program that works for them, rather than a quick fix that may be ineffective in the long run. And as the client and their business progress, they want to be there to help them.

They are members of the Broker Network despite being completely independent. This is the UK’s largest independent network for insurance brokers, and their membership provides them with more resources than they would have otherwise, which only helps them improve their service to their clients.

Contact: +44 141 221 9344

Address: 21 Blythswood Square, Glasgow G2 4BL, United Kingdom

  1. CCRS Brokers

CCRS is a leading independent insurance broker dedicated to providing superior technical advice and service to businesses across the United Kingdom.

For over ten years, their Glasgow-based team has provided professional broking services to a wide range of commercial clients. They recognize that hiring a professional adviser is a critical decision for any organization, which is why their core values serve as the foundation for all of their client relationships and interactions.

They believe in long-term relationships built on the value of their expert advice, trust, and transparency.

Every business perceives value differently, which is why they will collaborate with their clients to understand their specific business priorities. Clients can tailor a proposition that adds real value to their business by understanding what is important to them.

Contact: +44 141 212 8820

Address: 15 Newton Pl, Glasgow G3 7PY, United Kingdom

  1. Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers

Bruce Stevenson is an award-winning Chartered Insurance Broker with over 40 years of experience serving clients across Scotland and the United Kingdom.

They use their expertise as a leading broker to advise on innovative and comprehensive ways to protect what is important to their clients. They take pride in their service, consistently delivering market-leading, bespoke, and guaranteed solutions with niche products in specialist areas.

Property, Commercial, Hospitality & Tourism, Distilleries, Social Housing, Food & Drink, Renewable Energy, Independent Schools and Colleges, Charities, Private Clients, Farms & Estates, and Risk Management are a few examples. The Aston Lark Group agreed to buy them in February 2021.

Contact: +44 141 353 3539

Address: 144 W George St, Glasgow G2 2HG, United Kingdom

  1. Kelvin Smith

Kelvin Smith, founded in 1982, is one of Scotland’s leading Independent Insurance Brokers. Back in 1982, the commercial world was a very different place, as was the way people did business.

Clients will discover that the needs of business owners aren’t all that different today – Simple reassurance that they will be protected if the unexpected occurs.

With four decades of experience and expertise, they have successfully delivered effective insurance solutions to thousands of businesses ranging from corporate entities to partnerships and sole proprietorships and everything in between.

Kelvin Smith has one of the highest client retention rates of any insurance broker in the UK in a highly competitive market.

Contact: +44 141 429 5116

Address: 2nd Floor, The Sinclair Building, 18-20 Eagle St, Glasgow G4 9XA, United Kingdom

  1. Towergate Insurance

Their Glasgow office, located in the heart of one of the UK’s most vibrant and business-friendly cities, has a successful history built on hard work for their Clients. Their expert team of trusted advisors has been in business for over 20 years and will strive to achieve the best insurance broking and risk management programs.

They also provide Health & Employee Benefits solutions to both individuals and businesses. Their national standing enables them to obtain the best risk coverage possible while still providing a local service in the heart of the community.

Contact: +44 344 980 6800

Address: The Beacon, 176 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5SG, United Kingdom

  1. Gateway Insurance Services Ltd

Local insurance broker in Glasgow’s heart, offering competitive rates on a variety of personal and commercial products.

They specialize in commercial insurance and can place a wide range of trades and professions. Listed below are a few products; Employer and public liability Insurance for tradespeople Insurance for retail establishments Coverage for a cafe/coffee shop Insurance for commercial vehicles Insurance for landlords residential and commercial Personal buildings and contents insurance for the home Products for industrial wholesale and manufacturing Professional liability insurance Coverage for the office combined Coverage for the motor trade/garage Along with many other products for which they can provide quotes. Gateway Insurance collaborates with several of the best insurers in the UK.

Contact: +44 141 374 0238

Address: 126 W Regent St, Glasgow G2 2RQ, United Kingdom

  1. TEn Insurance Services Ltd

Founded by three brokers and a technologist with a combined 165 years of market experience. Despite the fact that the original entrepreneurs have all retired from front-line duties, the current leadership team has logged significant industry time.

TEn has always grown organically, with the understanding that in order for small independent businesses to survive and thrive, many of them will require a responsible ‘bigger brother’ to lend a helping hand from time to time, and/or on a daily basis. TEn is a network of insurance brokers that prioritizes the interests of its members over the interests of their end-user clients.

All other thoughts and actions fall somewhere between and behind these two primary considerations. TEn is a General Insurance (GI) Broker Network that was founded in January 2005 with the goal of assisting small and new brokers in weathering the uncertainty of changing times.

The mission is essentially unchanged to this day. Initially a Commercial Insurance network, they have since expanded their scope to include Private Clients and Personal Lines (EDI) business as well.

Contact: +44 141 404 8500

Address: 2C, Centrum House, 38 Queen St, Glasgow G1 3DX, United Kingdom

  1. Holland Insurance

Holland Insurance Brokers is a friendly independent insurance brokerage in Glasgow’s city center, founded in 1990 and led by Martin Glancey.

They provide a comprehensive range of personalized insurance and financial services. They are committed to meeting the unique needs of each client. Their helpful staff handles all aspects of insurance for both business and personal clients.

All clients are assigned an account handler, ensuring that they always know who to contact and providing a much more personal connection. One of the reasons they continue to grow their business customers year after year.

They have excellent relationships with insurers and customers alike, and as a result of this trust, their company continues to grow, and their clients benefit from a high level of service because they can offer a variety of options.

Address: Pembroke St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 7BQ, United Kingdom

  1. Blackford Group Ltd

Blackford is an insurance broker who specializes in commercial and personal risks. Their team builds long-term relationships with their clients by providing straightforward, concise, and professional advice on their insurance and risk management requirements.

They like to think of themselves as an insurance partner, understanding that each client has different risks and concerns. They take the time to find the right protection for their clients and will explain insurance in a way that makes sense to them.

Discretion, integrity, and transparency are at the heart of everything they do, which is why their business is built on referrals and reputation.

Contact: +441414284969

Address: The Garment Factory, 10 Montrose St, Glasgow G1 1RE, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Insurance Brokers in Glasgow

Insurance brokers act as go-betweens for insurance companies and individuals or businesses. When risk factors and finances are reviewed, insurance brokers use their extensive industry knowledge to find the best policy for a client.

See below for the answers to some of the most asked questions relating to the insurance brokers in Glasgow;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What exactly is an insurance broker in the United Kingdom?

A regulated financial adviser who specializes in general insurance is known as an insurance broker. They are experts who will help you determine the type of insurance and level of coverage you need and will recommend an affordable policy.

  1. What exactly does the PIB group do?

We are a dynamic and diverse insurance intermediary group offering specialist insurance solutions throughout the UK market and, increasingly, internationally.

  1. How are insurance brokers compensated in the United Kingdom?

The most straightforward method is a simple fee arrangement between broker and client. Typically, the broker is paid a commission, which is agreed upon with the insurer but deducted from the insured’s premium.

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10 Top rated Insurance Brokers in Glasgow

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