12 Best Strategies on How to Get Insurance Leads Online?

Insurance Leads

How can you get an insurance leads online? Many insurance agents’ salaries are determined in part or entirely by revenue. If you want to increase your revenue (and thus your earnings), you must first generate leads.

The next question is, “How do I get insurance leads?”

There are several methods for generating insurance leads online. Continue reading to learn about the best free and paid lead generation strategies for insurance agents.


Why Do You Require Insurance Leads?

Lead generation is an important business activity whether you are an independent agent or own an insurance agency.

Even the best agents do not close every transaction.

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To comprehend the significance of insurance lead generation, you must first comprehend the fundamentals of a sales funnel.

The sales funnel concept is used by digital marketers to visualize a potential customer journey.

The following are the stages of a sales funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

A sales funnel can help you understand your insured’s journey, predict revenue, and identify opportunities to improve your sales process.

If you imagine leads entering the first stage — awareness — at the top of the funnel, you can see how the funnel tapers and shrinks as they progress.

In other words, there will always be some drop-off when progressing from one stage to the next. Not all leads in the awareness stage are interested in your product, for example.

A sales funnel explains the stages that a lead must go through before committing to a purchase.

You can calculate conversion rates from one stage to the next as you gain a better understanding of your sales funnel. For instance, you may discover that 60% of leads in the awareness stage progress to the interest stage.

Including conversion rates in your sales funnel allows you to forecast sales, revenue, and commission. You can also use your funnel to calculate the number of leads you need to generate based on your revenue targets and close rates.

How to Get Free Insurance Leads

One of the advantages of selling insurance is that there are potential leads all around you. Life insurance leads can be found at the grocery store, and car insurance leads can be found at the gas station.

All you have to do is capture your prospects’ attention.

However, attention does not come cheap.

Large insurance companies can afford to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and magazine placement, but for a new insurance agency or independent agent, this is not an option.

There are several low-cost lead generation strategies you can employ.

  1. Content Promotion

Insurance can be a daunting topic for prospective customers, making it an excellent industry for content marketing. Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing free value (content) in order to generate leads and, eventually, increase revenue.

If you sell workers’ compensation insurance, you can write a small business guide or host a webinar that explains the requirements in each state.

Content marketing assets of other types include: Study of cases, Papers in white, Blogs, Infographics.

As lead magnets, the content you create can be shared via social media or email newsletters. A lead magnet is a piece of free content that you share in exchange for someone’s contact information.

Lead magnets are placed on landing pages where new leads enter their information in order to receive your content. You can send an email marketing follow-up once you have their contact information.

Content marketing also provides you with high-quality leads who you know are interested in your brand’s content.

  1. Customers Referrals

Consider referrals from current insureds when developing lead generation strategies to include in your marketing plan.

A friend’s referral is trusted by 83 percent of buyers more than any other type of marketing. Bottom line: if you don’t ask for referrals, you’re passing up a lot of good leads.

As long as your current insureds are satisfied with your service, they are an excellent source of leads.

When following up with existing insureds, ask them if they have friends who need similar insurance policies. You can also set up a referral program in which insureds receive a discount or gift if their friends decide to work with you.

  1. PPC Google Search Ads

While Google does not disclose how many searches it receives per day, it is estimated that it handles 63,000 queries per second.

his is fantastic! Consider how much exposure you would receive if your website appeared on the first page of Google.

Google search ads get your products in front of the right people at the right time. For example, if you run ads for educational policies, depending on your targeting options, you will appear among the first search results whenever a customer searches for information about such policies. Real-time targeting improves the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts.

  1. Natural Search

Many potential insureds begin their purchasing journey online, whether they are looking for health insurance, life insurance, or local insurance agents.

To capture leads from Google search traffic without spending money on Google ads, you can use a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

SEO, also known as organic search, works extremely well when combined with content marketing. You can increase traffic to your website by creating high-quality content that answers frequently searched insurance questions.

  1. Use of Social Media

In addition to SEO, social media platforms can be used as part of your content marketing strategy.

The key to posting content on social media is to target YOUR specific audience. That can range from useful information for small business owners to amusing memes and videos related to their industry in the insurance industry.

You can generate leads without spending money on ads if you consistently provide value on social media.

For example, if you build an audience on Twitter, you’ll not only appear in the newsfeeds of your followers, but also in the newsfeeds of their followers when they like one of your posts. You can find and like potential Instagram accounts, and keep your Facebook and LinkedIn pages up to date so that when people search for you, they can see you’re active and ready to engage.

At the end of the day, your leads will have more opportunities to interact with you, which means more opportunities to highlight all of the benefits of working with you.

  1. Internet directories

There are several online directories where potential insureds can locate a local insurance agent. Most directories allow you to submit a listing for free. You can also pay for premium listings, which usually allow you to upload images and even include your contact information.

Local Insurance Guide and WalletHub are both excellent places to start. We also recommend searching for insurance agents in your area to locate local directories.

  1. Service Packages

You may be able to generate leads by bundling your product with a complementary service or software, depending on the type of insurance you sell.

For example, if you sell workers’ compensation insurance, you are aware that your business accounts require additional services such as internet, phone service, email, and payroll processing.

Hourly provides time tracking and payroll solutions that integrate with workers’ compensation insurance. Because premiums are calculated using real-time payroll data, your insureds will never overpay or underpay for workers’ compensation.

  1. Networking

Insurance sales are all about relationships, and what better way to begin one than in person? It may appear that networking has become its own industry. Companies profit from industry gatherings, paid talks, and seminars.

You don’t have to pay for a ticket to an event, however, to make networking work for you.

Potential leads can be found almost anywhere as an insurance agent. Your community is one of the best places to network. As your neighborhood evolves, it’s a good idea to revisit local events, meet new homeowners, and pass out business cards.

  1. Purchase Lead Lists/Buy Ready Leads

It is difficult to generate leads, but you can now buy ready-made lead lists online. This allows you to reach out to people who are already interested in your products. Most salespeople, understandably, are skeptical of the effectiveness of lead generation. If you buy them from a reputable seller, all you have to worry about is converting them into paying customers.

Purchasing leads also saves time, is less expensive than advertising, and provides instant access to a large database. Just make certain that the leads you purchase are relevant to your industry.

  1. Community Development

People do not purchase from businesses. They buy from the owners of those businesses. This is why most insurance companies are working to humanize their brands, as it allows them to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

Because it fosters trust between your company and your target audience, community building is an effective lead generation strategy. Focus on being the insurance champions in your community by sponsoring local charity events, attending school district functions, collaborating with local school staff, hosting golf tournaments, and so on. This will increase not only your referrals but also your company’s awareness.

  1. Provide Valuable Content

The best way to attract potential customers to your website is through quality content marketing. Create valuable content that educates, solves customer problems, and engages. You could use a variety of content, such as videos, articles, white papers, eBooks, and so on.

Experiment with a variety of content marketing strategies before focusing on the ones that your customers are most engaged with.

  1. Have Outstanding Customer Service

According to studies, 90% of customers use a company’s customer service to decide whether or not to do business with them. Invest in your customer service team because they are the face of your insurance company. Your lead generation rate is heavily influenced by how they handle customer inquiries.

An excellent customer service team will also increase your customer satisfaction rate, sales, reputation, and customer loyalty.

Where Can I Find Paid Insurance Leads?

For some business owners, developing a content marketing strategy or an SEO-optimized website may seem like a long time to wait for leads.

If you need leads and impressions for your insurance company quickly, there are several options.

  1. Making Use of Insurance Lead Companies

In the insurance industry, there are lead vendor companies that capture real-time leads and sell them to agents and brokers.

Lead vendors such as QuoteWizard and netQuote provide potential insureds with aggregated lists of insurance quotes in exchange for contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers.

Some vendors specialize in specific types of insurance leads, such as auto insurance leads and health insurance leads.

  1. PPC Search

You can use paid search ads instead of SEO to increase website traffic and generate more leads. However, insurance keywords are among the most expensive in terms of pay-per-click (PPC) costs, with prices reaching $50 or more per click.

  1. Paid Social Services

Paid social media ads, like paid search ads, are available on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. When using social media advertising, demographic filters can be used to focus ads on your target audience.

CPC rates on popular social media platforms range from $0.97 (Facebook) to $5.26. (LinkedIn). However, CPC varies greatly depending on your industry, target audience, and ad design.

Find the leads that best for you

Salespeople can now generate leads without spending money on expensive advertisements thanks to online marketing strategies. However, in order to develop a successful insurance marketing and lead generation strategy, you must be consistent in your efforts.

If you don’t have the time to create content or optimize your website, lead providers and paid ads are excellent paid options for driving new business.

Finally, there is no one-size-fits-all insurance lead generation strategy. The best business tactics are determined by your resources and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See below;

1. What is the cost of purchasing insurance leads?

How Much Are Life Insurance Leads? Online, real-time, exclusive life insurance leads can be purchased for $20 to $50 per lead. These high-priced leads are frequently prohibitively expensive for new insurance salespeople or companies looking to purchase large quantities of leads.

2. Do insurance agents purchase leads?

Buying insurance leads is something that any insurance agent, regardless of experience, can try. Some businesses will find purchasing leads to be an essential part of their operations.

3. What exactly is an insurance lead?

Insurance leads are prospects who have requested quotes for insurance projects from you or expressed an interest in working with you in some other way. There are numerous lead options available to you, depending on your budget and lead generation tactics.


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12 Best Strategies on How to Get Insurance Leads Online?

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