4 Best Insurance for Delivery Drivers You Can Avail

Delivery Drivers

Your personal auto insurance policy will not cover you for business use, so you will need delivery drivers insurance.

By 2030, the market for last-mile delivery is expected to be worth $91.5 billion. Globally, last-mile deliveries in the urban sector will increase by 78%.

With rising demand and expectations, businesses are focusing on providing a quality customer experience by reducing delivery times.

The better the experience, the faster the deliveries. However, in order to meet expectations, delivery drivers must risk their lives in order to complete the delivery within the time frame specified.

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Businesses have a moral obligation to provide quality delivery driver insurance coverage for their on-the-ground workforce in order to protect the drivers.

The best insurance for delivery drivers listed below will assist you in selecting one for your delivery team and ensuring they can work, putting their heart and soul into your delivery operations.


What is the definition of Delivery Driver Insurance?

A delivery driver’s insurance protects policyholders while they are on the road and performing a delivery task. If a mishap or injury occurs to the delivery drivers, they have insurance to cover medical expenses and other extra costs.

It contributes to ensuring that drivers can work without fear of financial repercussions if something goes wrong during working hours. The insurance company can pay for the damage and injuries, allowing the delivery driver to avoid paying out of pocket.

4 Best Delivery Driver Insurance Companies

There are numerous delivery driver insurance options available in the industry, but here are only four of the best for you.

1. Erie Insurance

Businesses can get delivery insurance by adding ‘business use’ to their personal auto policy, which allows them to use the vehicle for multiple business purposes.

You can obtain food delivery insurance as well as estimated delivery driver insurance costs to ensure that your workforce is covered by the policy.

While insured by Erie Insurance, the food delivery driver or other delivery drivers can use the vehicle to complete the task. It’s an excellent choice for small and medium-sized business owners who use personal vehicles for delivery.

It offers personal auto insurance policies that can cover car accidents and other damages as one of the best car insurance companies.

It does not state the potential cost of the insurance, but it is reasonable. Contact the representatives who can walk you through the various delivery driver policies to get a free quote.

However, you must work with an insurance agent to finalize your auto insurance coverage purchase. It does not offer nationwide coverage and is only available in a few states in the United States. North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington are among the states with delivery driver coverage.

2. Progressive Insurance

Progressive insurance covers delivery drivers who work for multiple delivery companies. It is aimed at the food delivery industry and can offer excellent options for covering delivery driver insurance costs.

It provides free online quotes once you contact the representatives. You can easily file a claim by using the online portal and the mobile application. You must upload a few documents, and the executives will process the claim once the background check is completed.

Insurance companies in the United States operate in 34+ states and do not provide nationwide insurance coverage. The response team can provide immediate on-the-road assistance as well as auto repair assistance.

You can cover your employees with liability insurance and provide them with substantial liability coverage. You can also select a company to insure your personal vehicle and one of the best personal auto insurance policies available.

3. Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance, a premium auto insurance company, provides the majority of its personal car insurance policy endorsements in the delivery driver insurance policy segment, such as rental car reimbursements and accident forgiveness.

In comparison to most insurance companies, it provides a special car insurance policy to strengthen your commercial insurance.

To purchase the policy or request a quote, you must contact an agent in your area. The insurance providers have a larger network, and their diverse insurance policy options can meet your delivery driver insurance needs.

They provide an excellent auto insurance option that can assist your company vehicle in receiving excellent roadside assistance.

4. USAA Insurance

It provides delivery drivers in most states with a flexible delivery driver insurance option as well as a quality customer experience and satisfaction.

The various insurance coverage options are highly profitable, making it the industry’s top-rated carrier. It has the highest customer satisfaction and claim handling ratings.

If you have a personal auto insurance policy with USAA Insurance, you can easily obtain rideshare insurance through USAA. The coverage can be useful for any type of delivery, such as food, medication, eCommerce retail items, and so on.

You can also obtain commercial auto insurance, which will cover your vehicle for collision, car accident, and other insurance claims.

Contact the representatives who can walk you through the various policies to request a free quote. You can submit a claim via the online portal or the mobile app.

It has a comprehensive selection of USAA auto body shop repairs that can handle guaranteed vehicle repairs.

Now that you’ve determined the best insurance companies for your company, you should concentrate on the efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery business management.

With the increasing complexity, you require high-quality tools and technology to ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

A delivery route planner is the best software to integrate into your business ecosystem in order to optimize your delivery workflow and help you stand out from the crowd.

How to Select the Best Delivery Driver Insurance

See the following;


You must select the best and most effective delivery driver insurance for your workforce to avoid future problems caused by inadequate insurance coverage. To cover your vehicles and delivery employees, you can include auto, delivery driver, or comprehensive coverage.

If your delivery business ecosystem does not include vehicles, you can request that your delivery drivers obtain vehicle insurance. You can provide insurance coverage for the delivery driver.

Filter the best insurance providers based on customer reviews, pricing, and other factors, and create a list of the top 3 to 5 companies for further investigation.

Delivery insurance comparison

Once the list is complete, you must compare all of the listed delivery insurance policies because they will not be equal in all metrics.

Here are some metrics to consider when comparing delivery driver insurance:

1. Price

You must select the most cost-effective delivery driver insurance policy from your options. Some insurance companies will charge higher premiums than others, and you must choose one based on the quotes provided by various companies.

Compare quotes and select the policy with the lowest premium and the most benefits.

2. Coverage limitations

Different insurance companies provide varying levels of coverage. You must choose one based on the coverage limit and pay close attention to this metric when comparing.

3. Industry

Some insurance companies have different coverage limits for different industries. You must ensure that the insurance companies you choose cover your delivery business industry and are willing to insure your delivery workforce and business vehicles.

4. Accessibility

Some insurance companies do not offer nationwide coverage. You should avoid working with such limited insurance providers because, as a delivery company, you never know when your business will expand and take you outside of the insurance area limits.

Contact insurance providers willing to provide nationwide coverage to eliminate the stumbling blocks of geographic limitations. It can assist you in assigning different delivery tasks to your workforce without having to worry about limitations.

Purchasing delivery driver insurance

It will be more difficult to obtain quality delivery driver’s insurance coverage than it will be to obtain a standard car insurance policy. Some providers require you to contact the agents in order to obtain a quote and purchase a policy.

You must also obtain current auto insurance and delivery driver’s insurance from the same providers. You cannot buy one policy from Allstate and the other from State Farm.

You can purchase delivery driver insurance once you are satisfied with the rules and have compared the listed policies on various metrics. To make future changes to your purchasing portal, you can contact the agent or access the online portal.

Several providers offer mobile app access, allowing you to file a claim, upload documents, and get roadside assistance with a few clicks.

These factors can assist you in making an informed delivery insurance purchase decision that will improve your work ecosystem and ensure that your drivers are properly protected when they hit the road for your business.

The Importance of a Delivery Route Planner in a Delivery Company

A delivery route planner and optimization software can automate the manual management and processing of your delivery operation.

It can integrate automation into your workflow to eliminate the redundant and inefficient aspects that may arise as a result of human errors.

A route planning software can analyze real-time traffic and weather conditions to deliver the most efficient and shortest routes to your delivery drivers.

It can help you handle more delivery orders in your daily process and simplify your delivery business.

However, you must select the best software for your company from hundreds available in the market.


As a delivery driver, you must have special car insurance. You will not be covered if you do not have commercial car insurance when delivering pizzas, dropping off meals, or even transporting a package from one office to another. Check with your employer to see if your company covers privately owned employee vehicles.

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4 Best Insurance for Delivery Drivers You Can Avail

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