Best 10 Rated Insurance Brokers in Bradford

Insurance Brokers in Bradford

Insurance Brokers in Bradford are an independent price comparison company that searches for reasonable prices on behalf of their customers with their permission.

Insurance Brokers in Bradford can provide very helpful service to vulnerable customers because their multilingual, dedicated, and friendly staffs are waiting to serve.


Insurance Brokers in Bradford

Below you will find the best 10 rated Insurance Brokers in Bradford

1. Secure Risk Insurance Brokers

Secure Risk Solutions is an independent insurance broker run by established insurance professionals with sector specializations in Solicitors, Medical Reporting Organizations, Charities, Social Welfare, and Property Risks.

Secure Risk Solutions is a Bluefin partner broker, which is one of the largest independent brokers in the UK, providing Secure Risk Solutions with access to the resources, support, and purchasing power of a large national broker.

There is no client who cannot benefit from their services; they work with businesses of all sizes, from the most complex to the most simple risks, ensuring they find their clients an appropriate solution with the appropriate level of cover.

Contact: +44 1274 965791

Address: 1st Floor, Trust House, 5 New Augustus St, Bradford BD1 5LL, United Kingdom

2. Focus Insurance Services

Focus Insurance Services is an independent insurance broker committed to assisting clients in finding the right coverage.

They obviously understand insurance, but they also understand how important it is to their clients and their business. They believe that everyone should have access to a professional, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking brokerage service. When their clients work with Focus, a dedicated account executive will fully listen to and understand their needs.

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Focus Insurance Service provides a diverse range of policies that cover a wide range of insurance needs, from a small business to a large corporate enterprise. They can provide this insurance to nearly any business in any industry sector.

Contact: +44 1733 263311

Address: 406 Otley Rd, Eccleshill, Bradford BD2 4QP, United Kingdom

3. Low Insurance Brokers Ltd

Low Insurance Brokers Ltd was founded in 2010, and they have amassed a sizable client base over the years. Their primary goal is to provide high-quality service in which they believe they can obtain the best Insurance premium for their clients; however, they do not sacrifice quality.

Every business is unique, which is why their insurance products and services can be tailored to their clients’ specific needs and requirements. They listen to their clients, understand their specific needs, and can arrange to visit their location if necessary. They will work with their clients to understand their business before looking for an insurance package that is appropriate for their clients.

Low Insurance Brokers Ltd has a highly motivated and dedicated team of employees who provide excellent customer service to all of their clients.

Contact: +44 1274 413132

Address: 16 Common Rd, Low Moor, Bradford BD12 0SD, United Kingdom

4. Quote Us Insurance

Quote Us Insurance is dedicated to obtaining the best insurance deals for their customers at the level of insurance that is most appropriate for them.

They are based in the United Kingdom, and their fully trained, friendly staff will use their knowledge and expertise to find the best deals for their customers. Quote Us Insurance can provide quotes for all types of tenanted property insurance, such as Professional Let Insurance, Students Flats Insurance, Asylum Seekers Insurance, and Holiday Home Insurance. Insurance for flat blocks and unoccupied property. They have products for both single properties and landlords with three or more portfolios.

Their in-house and internet-powered search engines will provide them with instant competitive quotes for their customers. All quotes will be from leading insurance companies, who provide exceptional coverage at competitive prices in today’s market.

Quote Us Insurance make an effort to search the market or a panel of insurance companies for specific quotes for any of the following: Office insurance, shop insurance, burger bar insurance, restaurant insurance, grocers and fish and chip shop insurance, as well as public and employers liability insurance, motor trade insurance, taxi insurance, and so on.

Contact: +44 1274 491010

Address: 59 Whetley Ln, Bradford BD8 9EE, United Kingdom

5. Any Quotes

Any Quotes is dedicated to providing their clients with hundreds of quotes from online and offline markets, as well as seamless customer service from start to finish.

Any Quotes strives to work with their clients step by step to provide free multiple non-obligatory quotes. Their clients’ quotes are based on how accurate the information you provide them is, as well as the various comparison sites they use to provide affordable prices to their clients.

They are, however, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and all of their clients’ information is protected under the ‘Data Protection Act & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018).’ They are an independent price searching company, and they search on their clients behalf with their clients’ consent to find them at reasonable prices.

As their multilingual dedicated friendly staff are waiting to serve, Any Quotes can assist vulnerable customers with very helpful service.

Contact: +44 330 113 7373

Address: 338 Leeds Rd, Bradford BD3 9QX, United Kingdom

6. TL Dallas & Co Ltd

They have experienced teams close to all of their customers, with a team of more than 150 people based across their Bradford headquarters and offices in London, North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Cumbria, Belfast, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Holmfirth, Shetland, and Stockport.

TL Dallas & Co Ltd are a founding member of UNA Alliance Ltd, an alliance of independent brokers, which gives them greater purchasing power and access to specialized products and services.

Dallas Wilding Drew Ltd in North Yorkshire and Dallas Scott Davey in Lincolnshire, led by Simon Drew and Mark Wilding and Ed Davey and Darren Scott, respectively, have recently joined the TL Dallas family. Dallas Wilding Drew Ltd provides general commercial insurance to privately owned businesses in all industries, while Dallas Scott Davey specializes in agricultural and business insurance.

Contact: +44 1274 465500

Address: Dallas House, Cleckheaton Rd, Low Moor, Bradford BD12 0HF, United Kingdom

7. Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd.

Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd is a UK-based MGA that provides homeowner insurance, specialist insurance schemes, and church and commercial insurance under the Congregational brand.

Their products are only available through carefully selected insurance brokers, intermediaries, and well-established affinities. Their employees play an important role in providing a positive customer experience.

They have an ingrained team-based culture that encourages employee participation at all levels, resulting in excellent relationships and seamless communication throughout their organization. Their culture characteristics, in conjunction with their core values of integrity, teamwork, and innovation, establish the benchmarks against which decisions and actions are measured and performance is benchmarked.

Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd are committed to providing a consistently high-quality experience and have a company culture that prioritizes the needs of their customers. They actively listen to customers to gain a clear understanding of what is important, ensuring that they meet the needs of customers, brokers, and stakeholders on a consistent basis.

Contact: +44 1274 700800

Address: Currer House, 13 Currer St, Bradford BD1 5BA, United Kingdom

8. Oscar Grace Mortgages Limited

Oscar Grace Mortgages offers their clients a fully comprehensive mortgage and insurance service. They will ask the right questions to ensure that their clients get the best bespoke solution for their specific needs.

Their passion is obtaining handpicked solutions from a ‘Whole of Market’ panel of lenders! Once their clients have their mortgage in place, it is critical to ensure that if the ‘worst’ happens, they are fully protected – that is, they will not lose everything they have worked so hard for.

Oscar Grace Mortgages can arrange coverage for their clients with the best providers in the UK.

Contact: +44 1274 009560

Address: Beck Mill, Reva Syke Rd, Clayton, Bradford BD14 6QY, United Kingdom

9. Global Brokerage Ltd

Global brokerage Ltd is one of Yorkshire’s most experienced independent brokers, specializing in providing a wide range of high-quality insurance solutions.

Mr Shah founded the company in 1962 and has worked with major insurance companies. The Global Brokerage has become the most reputable and reliable company in the North of England due to his outstanding customer service and great value policies.

Mr. Shah takes great pride in meeting the needs of a wide range of communities. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years, so that when it comes to their clients’ insurance needs, he can find them the coverage they require at a price they can afford to protect themselves from any risk.

Contact: +44 1274 724299

Address: Office # 6, Shah House, 1 Browning St, Bradford BD3 9AB, United Kingdom

10. Congregational

Congregational is proud to have provided specialized church and commercial insurance for nearly 130 years. As experts in their field, they concentrate on improving and refining the coverage they provide to meet the changing needs of churches and related properties throughout the UK.

To innovate, improve, and develop products, they collaborate closely with their customers, specialist brokers, and intermediaries. Their top priority is to provide high-quality products and exceptional service across all distribution channels.

They provide consistently high-quality service by putting their clients’ needs at the center of their operations. As part of their commitment to providing exceptional customer satisfaction, they actively listen so that they clearly understand what is important, ensuring that they meet the needs of customers, brokers, and stakeholders on a consistent basis.

Contact: +44 1274 700700

Address: 13 Currer St, Bradford BD1 5BA, United Kingdom


Insurance Brokers in Bradford can offer their clients coverage for any type of insurance transaction. They have highly trained employees who have extensive experience and knowledge in facilitating insurance policies that meet all of their needs.


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Best 10 Rated Insurance Brokers in Bradford

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