6 best insurance brokers in Florida

insurance brokers in Florida

The principal source of income for insurance brokers in Florida comes from commissions and fees collected on sold products.

These commissions are often calculated as a percentage of the entire annual premium for the policy, and the insurance firm receives money from the premiums once they have been collected.

Additionally, it creates a responsibility for the insurer, as the insurer is liable to provide coverage for claims made under the insurance policy. Insurers collect premiums to cover the obligations connected with the policy they underwrite.

They could also invest in premiums to create more significant returns and mitigate some of the costs associated with providing insurance coverage, which can assist an insurer in maintaining competitive pricing.

Even though insurance companies invest premiums in various assets with various degrees of liquidity and return, they are obligated to maintain a particular level of liquidity.

State insurance regulators determine the minimum amount of liquid assets that insurers must maintain to pay claims.


A Career as an Insurance Broker

A bachelor’s degree is required, as is experience in sales or business. Insurance brokers must also have excellent interpersonal and research abilities, much as insurance agents.

Because insurance brokers are responsible for reviewing contracts on their customers’ behalf, meticulous attention to detail in contracts and familiarity assessing terms and conditions are required to be successful in this professional path.

Although insurance brokers can handle as many different forms of insurance as they are confident selling, becoming a specialist in one particular sort of insurance may be advantageous.

Brokers must be licensed in the state where they practice and pass the Series 6 and 7 tests offered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Additionally, keeping up current on changes in insurance rules is an excellent method to maintain client confidence.

Insurance broker vs. independent agent: Which is better?

Insurance brokers and independent agents are sometimes mistaken for one another. It’s understandable why: both work with various firms and are compensated on a commission basis. On the other hand, Independent agents make their money exclusively on commissions.

Because both brokers and agents earn a bigger profit when you purchase additional coverage, they have the interest to upsell you on your insurance. They must give excellent customer service to maintain your patronage at about the same time.

Independent agents represent insurance businesses rather than individuals purchasing insurance policies, whereas brokers represent the people who are purchasing insurance policies.

Depending on the situation, agents can also bind a policy or offer temporary coverage while a policy is completed and issued.

An insurance broker will collaborate with an agent or insurer to bind a policy in most cases, and it is still possible for the price to alter before that occurs.

Unlike brokers, independent agents deal with various insurers, but they have agreements with certain businesses and are generally restricted to selling specific products.

The fact that you can only get insurance via certain firms, on the one hand, is a disadvantage. On the other hand, Independent agents may be more knowledgeable about the firms and policies that they market than brokers.


  1. USI Insurance Services (United States Insurance Institute)

USI Insurance Services is among the largest privately-held insurance brokerage and consulting organizations in the United States, with over a century of experience in the industry.

USI, which stands for “Understand, Service, and Innovate,” provides employee benefits, property/casualty insurance, personal risk management, program management, and retirement solutions in the United States.

They can give clients the personalized, high-touch service they deserve because of USI’s nationwide network of resources and experience. The members of the Fort Lauderdale team are well-known in the surrounding community.

The USI ONE Advantage® is a distinctive approach to risk management in which customers obtain personalized, practical, and quantifiable solutions that positively impact their bottom line through cost reduction and coverage improvement, resulting in enhanced Total Cost of Risk and Employee Benefit trend advantage.

Employee Benefits at USI Ft. Lauderdale assists employers in optimizing benefit programs via thorough cost minimization, best-in-class pricing, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Property and Casualty Practice Leader in Ft. Lauderdale delivers risk management and insurance solutions for customers across sectors with operations both domestically and internationally on various risk exposures, including natural disasters.

  1. The Clemons Company

Clemons Company has been in the business of providing life insurance and worker benefits to people in Northwest Florida for almost a century.

They are pleased with the amount of knowledge and high level of service the organization has provided for them.

Clemons is responsible for the administration of benefits and retirement programs for companies and municipal governments throughout Florida.

It has been almost 60 years since the Clemons Company has served as a trusted advisor and provider of benefits and retirement programs to hundreds of companies throughout Florida, and it continues to do so today.

The Clemons Company is small enough to give highly personal, attentive, and caring service yet large enough to deliver cutting-edge benefit solutions and technology to the market.

Clemons invests time and resources into adequately educating workers so that they may receive the finest quality treatment and place a higher value on their company-provided benefits. Employee benefits are becoming increasingly complicated to manage due to a tangle of government laws, but the emphasis is on keeping companies compliant so that they can rest easy.

  1. Cecil W. Powell & Company – Jacksonville, FL

Cecil W. Powell & Company is the biggest privately held, full-service insurance firm in the United States, with its headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. Since its inception in 1935, the agency has maintained family-owned and devoted to the ideals of its founder and namesake, which is to provide outstanding service, competitive, and creative solutions given with a personal touch to clients.

The size and scale allow us to provide cutting-edge goods and services in the marketplace without losing local decision-making power centered on serving the wider Jacksonville region.


  • They have a solid track record of assisting companies and workers in navigating the complexity of insurance policies and procedures.
  • They create benefit programs tailored to your unique objectives, requirements, and budget.
  • A client-centered approach begins with your interactions with the advisory and account top management based in your area.
  • As a privately owned local corporation, they participate in the community in various ways rather than concentrating their efforts just on investor share value.
  • The skilled team of specialists is well-versed in the numerous issues that clients confront and the best ways to overcome them.
  • The firm goes above and beyond for its consumers and its staff.
  1. Hylant Group

Since its founding in 1935, Hylant has grown to become one of the most extensive privately-held insurance brokerage firms in the United States, with a headquarters in Florida and associates located throughout the country and worldwide.

Hylant, a member of the Worldwide Broker Network, provides comprehensive risk management services, employee benefits brokerage, loss control, healthcare management, and insurance alternatives to businesses and individuals on a local, national, and international level for both individuals and businesses.

Hylant’s most distinguishing feature is its culture. Being a family-owned corporation, the employees are treated as family members, making the company more than just an insurance brokerage agency.

They position themselves to be a strategic partner for your company and provide you with the services and resources you require to be successful.

Hylant is continually updating the specialized resources with whom we partner and the services we provide to keep up with the ever-changing benefit plans marketplace.

  1. HRBenefits

They are comprehensive employee benefits, consultancy, and brokerage organization located in Florida.

They have over 25 years of expertise assisting customers with designing, implementing, and managing tailored employee benefits programs for their employees.

The objective is to ensure that your firm has the appropriate benefits to recruit, retain, and reward top talent while also protecting and educating your employees about the excellent benefits you provide.

Employers of all sizes may benefit from the innovative approach, including navigation tools to help them with HR Administration, Employee Benefits, Labor Compliance, and the complex Affordable Care Act. While also giving a thorough approach that is precisely matched to your needs.

Client demands and limits are taken into consideration, and they attempt to provide unique and well-developed solutions due to their approach to doing business.

They aim to work in partnership with management teams to develop solutions that will, in the end, save costs, increase profits, minimize risk, and keep you relevant.


  • They develop and deploy cutting-edge insurance products that save costs while attracting and retaining top-tier employees.
  • Get an effort to educate your staff to make the most of their benefits.
  • Provide you and your staff with assistance through the complexity of the healthcare industry.
  • Employee retention, compliance, payroll, recruiting, and various other services are provided by the company’s in-house human resources and employment law professionals.
  • Contribute to reducing healthcare expenses through innovative contribution and financing mechanisms.
  • Take an interest in your company and in delivering outcomes for you
  • Allow HRBenefits the chance to do a comprehensive study and equip you with the resources you need to achieve your company objectives while staying within your budget.
  1. Hartin Dynamics

Hartin Dynamics helps organizations take care of their most essential asset, their people. They accomplish this by streamlining the Employee Benefits selection process and assisting your employees in understanding what they have.

They go beyond the usual broker transactional approach. Instead, they are skilled consultants that come alongside your team to assist drive cost-containment while guaranteeing your Employee Benefits plan remains competitive.

Together they create and implement methods designed to help you keep reasonable control of your benefits package, results, and costs.

Any licensed agent may offer you insurance coverage, but with Hartin Dynamics, you can expect and get even more.

It would be best to have an Employee Benefits expert you trust and a plan that doesn’t give you issues. They provide a wide selection of advisory services and unique programs intended to assist you in giving outstanding benefits, managing expenses, and engaging employees. Some of which include;

  • Focused on helping organizations recruit and retain workers
  • Uses a unique approach to acquire employee input, analyze current
  • Decisions on plan design are guided by data analytics
  • Deeply devoted to bringing relevant mental health components to programs
  • Serves the employer’s interests first, not the carriers’.
  • Transparency regarding prices, commissions, plan alternatives, and cost variables
  • Offers benchmarking, compliance help, health data analysis, and HR Technology
  • Local autonomous agency with nationwide assets and reach
  • Strong supporter of Tampa Bay area HR groups
  • Supports the Tampa Bay area community on several boards and as volunteers

FAQ insurance brokers in Florida

What Is the Distinction Between a Broker and an Insurance Agent?

Brokers work for and favor consumers, whereas agents work for and on behalf of insurance firms. Unlike agents, brokers are unable to execute an insurance deal.

Is It More Cost-Effective to Purchase Insurance Through a Broker?

Generally, insurance cannot be obtained through a broker, but an insurance broker can assist you in locating coverage that meets your needs.

After a broker has conducted the necessary research and provided possibilities to their clients, the policy must be bonded by an insurance agent or firm. A broker is not involved in the finalization of a deal.

What Is the Difference Between a Broker and an Insurance Provider?

An insurance firm sells insurance, whereas a broker looks for insurance products that are most closely linked with the client’s requirements and objectives.

What Is the Definition of an Insurance Broker in Florida?

In Florida, an insurance broker is comparable to an insurance broker in the United Kingdom. They serve as an intermediary between clients and insurance providers.


Even if you’re dealing with an autonomous agent or insurance broker, you still have the option to shop around for the best deal.

Using an insurance broker in Florida can assist you in obtaining the best possible cost by comparing quotes from numerous insurance providers.

6 best insurance brokers in Florida

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