Top 13 Best Insurance Brokers in Preston 2023

Insurance Brokers in Preston

Getting the best insurance coverage for you and your household through an insurance broker in Preston is very important if you’re living in Preston, this is due to the rate of risk individuals experience every day.

In an age when insurance can be purchased over the internet and in supermarkets, Insurance Brokers in Preston understand that their clients are looking for the best value, not the cheapest price.

Clients are not required to do anything. With a panel of top insurers provided by this article, their experienced team finds coverage that is truly tailored to your personal needs.


Who is an Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers, rather than insurance companies, represent you (the policyholder or insurance shopper). While they can present insurance policies on behalf of an insurer, they do not have the legal authority to act on its behalf. A broker, for example, does not have the authority to issue policies or set premiums.

An insurance broker acts as a go-between for an insurance buyer and an insurance company. A commission-based insurance broker can be an individual working independently or a brokerage firm with multiple brokers.

What are the best Insurance Brokers in Preston

An Insurance Broker’s goal is to ensure that their clients have complete peace of mind by providing them with the appropriate insurance coverage provided by an insurer with the ability and desire to pay their insurance claims quickly and efficiently.

Below is a list of most recommended best insurance brokers in Preston that offer the best insurance services in Preston.

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  1. Fulwood Insurance Services Ltd

The first on the list is Fulwood Insurance Services Ltd.Their founder, Peter Norris, has extensive experience in the insurance industry, having begun his career at the Co-operative Insurance Society in 1978 and working as a self-employed broker since 1984.

Fulwood Insurance Services was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing knowledge, experience, and dedicated personal service.

Their reputation enables them to assist their clients not only by providing dependable policies, but also by providing clarity and consideration to match their needs, providing clients with the assurance that they are in good hands in almost any event.

Contact: +44 1772 663703

  1. PIB Insurance Brokers

PIB Insurance Brokers in Preston has provided commercial insurance solutions. They are a member of the PIB Group and are one of the UK’s leading independent, diversified, specialist insurance and risk management advisers, with a growing international presence.

This is being accomplished through a combination of hiring experienced and talented individuals, organic growth, and targeted acquisitions.

Their group operates from over 45 offices across the UK, under various brands but with a shared ethos.

Contact: +44 333 400 1200

Address: First Floor, Citygate, Longridge Rd, Ribbleton, Preston PR2 5BQ, United Kingdom

  1. Property Insurance Brokers

Property Insurance Brokers’ isn’t also left out on this list. Also, Property Insurance Brokers’ philosophy is straightforward. They combine the advantages of a forward-thinking business approach with the traditional values of a long-established family firm.

As a result, we provide service that is second to none. When a client needs to file a claim, they become fully involved in the process, liaising with loss adjusters to ensure the claim is settled quickly and with the least amount of hassle.

Finding insurance isn’t a one-time event when you work with a broker of their caliber. It’s a face-to-face relationship built on trust and the high quality of expertise, understanding, advice, and service.

Contact: +44 1772 554341

Address: Camden House, 2 Camden Pl, Preston PR1 3JL, United Kingdom

  1. A-Plan Insurance

A-Plan is unique and has been one of the best insurance Brokers in Preston. Since the 1960s, they have provided personalized service to over 600,000 clients.

They have over 100 high street branches, no phone scripts or automated call management systems, no complicated online forms to fill out, and no jargon-filled website pages to trawl through.

The majority of their clients renew with them year after year, and many new clients are referred to them by existing ones.

Understanding their clients’ individual needs and finding the best cover for them is their top priority. Presented in a friendly, approachable, and truly personal manner.

Contact: +44 1772 230470

Address: 56 Fishergate, Preston PR1 8BH, United Kingdom

  1. Ribble Insurance Services Ltd

Ribble Insurance Services is a family-run business based in Preston and Leyland that has been in operation since 1976 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in a wide range of Personal and Commercial Insurance classes.

They can provide a diverse range of insurers and products. This enables them to provide comprehensive, competitively priced insurance tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Ribble Insurance, as a local broker, has earned a reputation in Preston and beyond for providing high-quality personal and commercial insurance services while maintaining the more personalized service that their loyal client base has come to appreciate.

Contact: +44 1772 333818

Address: 449 Blackpool Rd, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 2LE, United Kingdom

  1. Riverdale Insurance (Preston)

Riverdale Insurance is next on top of the best insurance brokers in Preston. Also, Riverdale insurance is a Leicester-based insurance brokerage that provides bespoke commercial insurance to clients nationwide.

Also, They are also known to provide best insurance services in Preston. Riverdale Insurance has offices in Preston, Manchester, Birmingham, Blackburn, and Bolton, among other places.

Contact: +44 1772 269901

Address: Holborn House, Caxton Rd, Preston PR2 9ZZ, United Kingdom

  1. Platform Financial Services Ltd

Platform Financial Services Ltd offers insurance brokerage services to the UK market, backed by experienced staff who have worked in the insurance industry for many years.

They are an innovative company founded on traditional values such as Integrity, Quality, and Trust, and they aim to provide unrivaled local and national service to their clients.

Platform Financial Services understands the needs of small to medium-sized businesses as well as larger corporate clients, thanks to a wealth of knowledge and experience in the UK market.

They will maintain their objectivity and advise on appropriate insurance policies based on the clients’ individual needs and circumstances.

Contact: +44 1772 702000

Address: Chambers Suite, Derby House, 7 Lytham Rd, Fulwood, Preston PR2 8JE, United Kingdom

  1. French M E & Co

M.E French is located in Preston, is a specialist in arranging insurance for Haulage and Transport businesses.

Their clients renew with them year after year because of their personal and friendly approach, knowledge of the sectors they conduct business in, and insurance expertise.

Also at M.E French, They have serve over 300 haulage, courier, coach, and non-transport based companies across the UK.

They provide clients with a quick and dependable service by ensuring that the people who deal with clients on a daily basis have many years of experience, particularly in the field of haulage.

Contact: +44 1772 752055

Address: 8 Liverpool Rd., Penwortham, Preston PR1 0AD, United Kingdom

  1. The Insurance Broker Limited

The Insurance Broker Limited is a marine insurance broker in the United Kingdom with over 20 years of experience.

They provide a variety of policies and coverage to protect their clients from risk, whether they are individuals or businesses.

The Insurance Broker Ltd provides professional and independent advice to all of their clients, Whether you are a corporate client or an individual, they will provide you with the appropriate coverage at a competitive premium.

Contact: +44 1772 780380

Address: 31 Chapel Hill, Longridge, Preston PR3 3JY, United Kingdom

  1. Charity Insurance Brokers

Considering one of the best insurance brokers in Preston whose relationships are at the heart of everything is what charity insurance Brokers does.

Charity Insurance Brokers is committed to providing cost-effective, custom-tailored solutions to the Charitable, Not-for-Profit, and Social Enterprise sectors. They also provide one of the best insurance services in Preston.

Contact: +44 1772 554342

Address: Camden House, 2 Camden Pl, Preston PR1 3JL, United Kingdom

  1. Fylde Insurance Brokers LLP

Fylde Insurance Brokers is excited to have partnered with Guy Penn, which will allow them to expand their product offering and services.

Fylde Insurance Brokers has worked closely with their valued customers for over 40 years and wishes to continue that relationship under their new trading name of Guy Penn for many years to come.

Contact: +44 1772 683211

Address: 33 Poulton St, Kirkham, Preston PR4 2AA, United Kingdom

  1. Direct Validation Services

The next is the Direct Validation Services. They provide operations, consulting, and technology solutions throughout the risk and insurance value chain, including claims, underwriting, distribution, regulation, customer experience, human capital, transformation, and change management.

Direct Validation Services are a specialized professional services and technology firm that collaborates with leading insurance, highly regulated, and global companies.

Contact: +44 344 893 1041

Address: 8 Fulwood Park, Caxton Rd, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9NZ, United Kingdom

  1. Gul Insurance & Travel

The last but not the list on the top best insurance brokers in Preston is Gul Insurance Solutions.

Gul Insurance Solutions is a Preston-based Insurance Broker. They strive to provide the highest quality of independent, expert advice and service to their clients in order to ensure that their clients get true value for money from their insurance arrangements.

They have formed a strong infrastructure for the future, investing in technology and people, and have grown their team to an experienced group of insurance professionals, all with strong and diverse specialties to assist their customers in finding solutions to their needs.

Contact: +44 1772 655266

Address: New Hall Ln, Preston PR1 5NY, United Kingdom


Purchasing insurance in Preston has devolved into an impersonal experience. These insurance Brokers listed here are the best insurance brokers in Preston, if you are looking for where to get the best insurance brokers in Preston you should consider contacting one of them.

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