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If you’re looking for a place to buy high-quality pre-licensing courses online, be rest assured you’re at the right place; The Insurance Career Hub got you covered.

Before we proceed to the courses offered by the insurance career hub, let’s have a rundown of who they are and their mission.


What is The Insurance Career Hub

Insurance Career Hub is an institution dedicated to developing and continually supplying insurance pre-licensing courses that are not only easily accessible but also reachable, affordable, and accessible.

In addition, its management training is simple to master.

Mission Of The Insurance Career Hub

Insurance Career Hub is dedicated to developing and continually enhancing efficient training programmes for insurance professionals who are interested in acquiring their representative or agent licence, as well as for licenced agents who are interested in professional growth and management training programmes.

According to The Insurance Career Hub, its primary objective has been to serve the community by offering reasonably priced pre-licensing training that is open to anybody interested in pursuing a career as an insurance representative or insurance agent.

Insurance Career Hub is reasonably priced and classes are designed to make access to the insurance sector available to anybody who has an interest in it. In addition, their courses are simple, making it possible for anyone to earn a licence.

About Teachers In The Insurance Career Hub

Insurance Career Hub’s teaching staff is comprised of highly qualified teachers who are certified by the Department of Education in Florida as well as the Department of Financial Services in Florida.

These teachers also have years of experience working in the insurance industry as well as the educational sector. Their teachers have a special set of skills that make them qualified to teach you all you require for success.

What Are The Courses Offered By The Insurance Career Hub?

Below, you will find the top courses offered at the insurance career hub;

  • 4-40 CSR Pre-licensing Professional Bundle

This package helps you become the best salesperson you can be and also helps you develop your skills as an expert in customer service. It includes the pre-licensing course for your 4-40 Customer Service Representative credential.

Anyone serious about their desire to flourish as a 4-40 Customer Service Representative absolutely needs to have this bundle! From the date of purchase forward, you will have access to the pre-licensing course for a period of three months, and you will have access to the professional development courses for one year. This package includes 20 courses.

  • 2-20 General Lines (200 HR) + Exam Prep Flashcards

Their 200-Hour General Lines Agent Pre-Licensing training and  Digital Flashcards are both included in one bundle for your convenience.

Your performance on the state exam will improve if you purchase this bundle. This package includes 2 courses.

  • 4-40 CSR Pre-licensing Course + Professional Embossed Certificate

This package provides you with a professionally produced and embossed completion certificate, in addition to the mandatory pre-licensing training for your 4-40 CSR Designation, which is included in the bundle. It includes 2 courses.

  • 4-40 to 2-20 Conversion Course + Exam Prep Flashcards

This bundle contains the 4-40 to 2-20 Conversion Pre-Licensing course, as well as their Digital Flashcards.

The combination of these two will help you ace your state exam. This package contains 2 professional courses.

  • Agency Accelerator Bundle

The Agency Accelerator Bundle is perfect for individuals who are searching for opportunities that go beyond simply working for someone else.

You will learn everything you need to know to become licensed with our pre-licensing course, ace your state exam with our flashcards, and launch your own agency with the ebook when you purchase the Agency Accelerator Bundle.

In addition, when you purchase the e-book, you will be given access to ten (10) other free entrepreneur courses that will assist you in getting your business off the ground successfully. This enticing offer packs 3 courses.

  • Agency Accelerator Bundle (4-40 to 2-20 conversion)

The Agency Accelerator Bundle is perfect for individuals who are interested in doing anything other than working for somebody else.

It will teach you everything you need to know to become licenced with their pre-licensing course, to excel on your state exam with their flashcards, and to open your own agency with their ebook.

All of these things are included in the bundle. In addition, the purchase of the e-book entitles you to ten free entrepreneur courses, which will help ensure that both you and your organisation get off to a good start.

Individual Courses Offered By Insurance Career Hub

Below, you will find the individual courses offered by insurance career hub;

  • 2-20 General Lines Agent Course (200Hr)

The education requirement for the Florida 2-20 licence can be achieved by successfully completing this pre-licensing course.

This is an online course that students may complete at their own leisure, and it includes reading assignments taken from the course material, as well as unit presentations, chapter quizzes, and a final exam.

To be able to transact insurance business inside or outside of the office, you need to have a 2-20 license. Because you hold this license, you are authorised to perform the duties of the agent in charge and to oversee licensed 4-40 CSRs.

You can transact insurance policies for automobiles, watercraft, homes, motorcycles, and even pets when you have a 2-20.

For the majority, this marks the beginning of a new chapter in their insurance career, one in which they may eventually become managers or even agency owners.

  • 4-40 CSR Designation Course  (40Hr)

The education requirement for the Florida 4-40 license that must be met by CSRs with a 4-40 license can be satisfied by taking this pre-licensing course.

This is an online course that students may complete at their own leisure, and it includes reading assignments taken from the course material, as well as unit presentations, chapter quizzes, and a final exam.

To be able to transact insurance while being supervised by an agent in the agency where one is employed, one must have a 4-40 license.

Because you have this license, you are authorised to serve as a customer representative. If you have a 4-40 license, you have the authority to sell insurance policies for motor vehicles, boats, homes, motorcycles, and even pets.

This marks the beginning of most people’s new careers in the insurance industry and serves as a stepping stone toward more prominent roles and responsibilities within the sector.

  • 4-40 to 2-20 Conversion Course  (40Hr)

This pre-licensing course fulfils the education requirement needed by 4-40 licensed CSRs for the Florida 2-20 license.

It is a self-paced, online course, that consists of reading assignments from the textbook, unit presentations, chapter quizzes, and a final test. A 2-20 license is a requirement to transact insurance both in and out of the office.

This license allows you to act as an agent in charge as well as supervise licensed 4-40 CSRs. With the 2-20, you can transact automobile, watercraft, home, motorcycle, and pet insurance.

For most, this is the start of a new phase in their insurance career as managers or even agency owners.

  • 2-20 State Exam Digital Flashcards

With over 500 digital flashcards you can now take your 2-20 state exam prep to the next level.

Take your digital flashcards everywhere you go. Study on your lunch break, at home, or on the go. This is a must-have for anyone serious about passing their 2-20 state exam.

Insurance Career Hub’s flashcard sets are a great study tool that will help you get ready for the state exam. Our 2-20 General Lines flashcards are broken down into 19 sets, divided by topics.

With over 1,000 questions, these flashcards are ideal for those who want that extra edge when preparing for their state exam.

How To Start An Insurance Agency With Less Than $1,000 Ebook

The journey to becoming an entrepreneur and founding your own independent insurance firm may be an extremely thrilling experience. It is also possible for it to be a challenging and laborious endeavour.

Insurance Career Hub’s brand-new e-book will walk you through the steps of getting your own insurance firm up and running with less than $1,000. When it comes to the growth of agencies, while most people will tell you it is impossible, it’s possible with them.

You do not require a company loan, nor do you need hundreds upon thousands of dollars to get started.

If you are knowledgeable about how to get the most of your money and know where to look for deals, you can get started with as little as $1,000.

Because of this, they decided to build an electronic book. Insurance Career Hub’s starting an agency on a budget guide will walk you through all you need to know to get your business off the ground.

PLUS YOU HAVE ACCESS TO TEN FREE BUSINESS COURSES! These ten classes are as follows: Entrepreneurship, Business Etiquette, Business Acumen, Networking Outside the Company, Being a Likeable Boss, Business Ethics, Top 10 Sales Secrets, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, and Sales Fundamentals.

All of these classes can be taken online. Get your agency start-up e-book today, along with ten free classes, and become the master of your own future by starting your own agency.

How Much Are The Courses In Insurance Career Hub?

For the cost of each course and for more courses offered by this prestigious institution, visit their official website

Contact info:

Address: P.O. Box 533804 Orlando, FL 32853

Phone: 1-800-731-1786


The Insurance Career Hub is a great choice to get your pre-licensing courses prior to obtaining your certificate as a certified insurance agent.

These courses are tailored to equip with the necessary knowledge you need to becoming a successful agent.


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Insurance Career Hub 2022

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