Top 10 Insurance brokers in Hawaii

Insurance brokers in Hawaii

The primary responsibility of insurance brokers in Hawaii is to locate their clients with the most appropriate insurance coverage at the most reasonable price.

Insurance brokers in Hawaii will search through a wide range of insurance options from a variety of firms to discover the best fit for your needs.

Insurance brokers are experts who must pass tests and maintain a regular program of continuous learning to maintain their licenses to practice in their respective provinces and territories.

As part of the first consultation process with a new customer, the broker will seek to assess the client’s insurance requirements and needs.

For example, depending on the sort of insurance the customer is shopping for, they may only ask a few questions or they may want paperwork in the form of inspection reports, assessments, property assessments, and other similar documents.


How Insurance Brokers Profit

The principal source of income for an insurance broker comes from commissions and fees collected on products that are sold.

These commissions are often calculated as a percentage of the entire annual premium for the policy.

An insurance premium is the sum of money that an individual or business pays in exchange for the protection provided by an insurance policy.

The insurance firm receives money from the premiums once they have been collected. Additionally, it creates a responsibility for the insurer, as the insurer is liable to provide coverage for claims being made under the insurance policy.

Premiums are collected by insurers to cover the obligations connected with the plans they underwrite.

They may also invest in premiums to create larger returns and mitigate some of the costs associated with providing insurance coverage, which can assist an insurer in maintaining competitive pricing.

Even though insurance companies invest premiums in a variety of assets with various degrees of liquidity and return, they are obligated to maintain a particular level of liquidity. State insurance regulators determine the minimum amount of liquid assets that insurers must maintain to pay claims.

An insurance broker or agent will frequently receive a one-time percentage of the first-year premium of a plan that they sell, followed by a lower but continuous yearly residual income payout for the remainder of the policy’s term.

Insurance brokers in Hawaii

Below is a list of the top Insurance Brokers in Hawaii everyone ought to know;

  1. Atlas Insurance Agency;

In addition to its regional headquarters in Honolulu, Atlas Insurance Agency is a locally owned and operated insurance firm.

Atlas Insurance Agency has over eighty years of expertise in delivering superior property and liability insurance solutions to individuals and companies across Hawaii.

Employee benefits are vital when deciding between different businesses in the Urban Honolulu area, which has about 367,000 employees in the metropolitan area.

For companies of all sizes in the Urban Honolulu metro region, Atlas Insurance Agency provides medical insurance, optional benefits, and a variety of additional services. Atlas Insurance Agency, Honolulu has carved out a unique niche for itself by specializing in insurance with a strong industrial emphasis.

For example, the hospitality business, which includes providers such as Prince Resorts Hawaii and Outrigger Hotels Hawaii, has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Atlas Insurance Agency is also a leader in the provision of medical insurance to its clients. Having a large number of different customers, this organization can give you a fair price on a wide range of different programs.

  1. Aon Risk Services Inc;

Aon provides medical insurance, optional benefits, and other services to businesses of all sizes in the Urban Honolulu, HI Metro Area, as well as to individuals. Group medical benefits are an essential component of an employee’s entire pay package.

There are around 21,600 companies in the urban Honolulu, Hawaii region that are dedicated to providing benefit packages and group medical insurance for their employees.

Aon Honolulu is a branch of Aon, a nationwide insurance brokerage organization with offices around the country, including a branch in the Honolulu region.

  1. Mercer Health & Benefits;

Mercer Honolulu is a branch of Mercer, a nationwide insurance brokerage business with offices around the country, including a branch in the Honolulu region. At Mercer, they believe in the power of collaboration to create better futures.

Together, they are reinventing the world of work, transforming retirement and investment results, and unlocking true health and well-being for all people and organizations.

All enterprises, from tiny businesses to global corporations, even those in urban Honolulu, HI, may take advantage of unrivaled levels of service.

They provide medical insurance, optional benefits, and other services to businesses of all sizes in the Urban Honolulu, HI Metro Area, as well as individuals.

  1. Monarch Insurance Services Inc

Monarch Insurance Services Inc Honolulu is a locally owned and operated insurance brokerage that serves the greater Honolulu metropolitan area.

Monarch Insurance Services Inc. has a diverse variety of experiences and a high level of favorable feedback from its customers. In the Urban Honolulu, HI Metro Area, Monarch Insurance Services Inc offers benefit packages and group health insurance to businesses of all sizes.

They are an independent insurance firm that specializes in delivering commercial and personal insurance to small- to medium-sized enterprises, such as restaurants, child care facilities, the food industry, hotels and entertainment venues, travel agencies, and other similar establishments. Employer evaluations of Monarch Insurance Services Inc Honolulu show that the company is well regarded by its clients.

  1. Planning Services of Hi Inc;

Hi Inc Honolulu is a locally owned and operated insurance brokerage that serves the greater Honolulu area.

In its Honolulu office, Planning Services of Hawaii, Inc. offers employee benefits and group health insurance to businesses of all sizes in the Urban Honolulu, HI.

In addition to providing highly rated employee perks for both businesses and individuals, the firm places a strong emphasis on drawing top-tier talent to the organization through these advantages. The company is regarded as one of the best in the business when it comes to employee perks.

The Planning Services of Hi Inc. delivers dependable, well-informed assistance to businesses in need of benefits administration and administration.

To assist customers in sorting through the plethora of plans and providers accessible in managing their employee benefits, Planning Services of Hi Inc offers free consultations to assist them.

Planning Services of Hi Inc specializes in assisting small and medium-sized businesses obtain insurance coverage by giving suggestions that are targeted to the individual needs of each firm in need of coverage.

The Planning Services of Hi Inc can give choices to suit your objectives for satisfying coverage requirements, benefit offers, return on investment (ROI), access to special plans or incentives, administrative expenses, and tax savings after an initial visit.

  1. Woodruff-Sawyer/Risk Solution Partners;

Woodruff-Sawyer/Risk Solution Partners is among the largest insurance consulting and brokerage organizations in the United States, with over 100 years of experience.

With a regional office in Honolulu, Hawaii, it assists more than 4,000 businesses in protecting their assets and employees.

The Woodruff-Sawyer Honolulu office is well regarded for its extensive variety of experience as well as for the good comments received from customers on their service and outcomes. Organizations must provide competitive benefits in areas such as Urban Honolulu, Hawaii. To attract and keep employees.

Otherwise, they will struggle to recruit and retain personnel. Providing medical insurance, optional benefits, and other services to businesses of all sizes in the Urban HI Metro Area is something that Woodruff-Sawyer specializes in.

Group health benefits are a significant consideration in the decision-making process for many employees.

  1. Pacific Business Solutions

In business since 1985, Pacific Business Solutions has been servicing the insurance requirements of local businesses in the Honolulu region as a local, independent insurance broker.

In addition to offering affordable prices and good customer service, they also specialize in group insurance for small-to-midsized organizations.

Pacific Business Solutions has buying power with Aetna, Blue Cross of California, Cigna, Health Net, United Healthcare of Hawaii, Kaiser Permanente, and other major health insurance companies and health maintenance organizations.

Pacific Business Solutions can assist you whether you are searching for health insurance solely or whether you are looking for employee benefits such as disability insurance or life insurance.

  1. ACW Group, Inc.

The ACW Group, a regional insurance broker, covers the larger Honolulu area and the surrounding islands. In the Honolulu, HI, Metro Area, ACW Group can provide health benefits and group health insurance to businesses of all sizes.

Everyone who works for the company is reliant on group health benefits for their well-being and the well-being of their loved ones. Employer-sponsored benefits are a significant choice for job searchers who want to keep their benefits packages.

The job market in Honolulu, Hawaii’s urban core, is becoming increasingly competitive. California-based ACW Group is a regional insurance brokerage that has offices in Hawaii as well as Washington and Oregon.

They provide high-quality, affordable coverage solutions to those who need them the most, ranging from families and individuals to communities and entire states and territories.

As a result of their thorough approach, they have earned a coveted status on many of their clients’ rankings as a go-to resource for everything and everything insurance-related.

  1. First Hawaiian Bank Main Branch;

The main branch of First Hawaiian Bank is a full-service bank that offers banking, lending, and a variety of other financial goods and services to its clients.

The main branch of First Hawaiian Bank is located in many major metropolitan regions in Hawaii, including the Urban Honolulu, HI, Metro Area.

First Hawaiian Bank also has a presence in the state of California. The main branch of First Hawaiian Bank provides competitive incentives that aid in the retention of workers. Instead of being a hindrance to gaining coverage or peace of mind, an insurance broker ought to be a resource for their clients.

If you find yourself concerned about your company’s insurance coverage, obtaining insurance should be a basic procedure that requires minimal time and effort on your part.

By guaranteeing that all workers have access to high-quality healthcare services, the First Hawaiian Bank’s main branch alleviates some of the stress associated with the procedure.

  1. Brown & Brown;

A national insurance brokerage business has a branch in the Honolulu, Hawaii, metropolitan area, Beecher Carlson is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. A lack of experience or a concentration on smaller enterprises characterizes the Beecher Carlson office in Honolulu.

Beecher Carlson provides medical insurance and optional benefits to mid-to-large-sized businesses in the Urban Honolulu area, which includes about 21,600 companies in total. When it comes to hiring top personnel, having highly ranked employee perks is essential.

BEECHER CARLSON is a regional broker that specializes in the areas of employee benefits and insurance. They have a long history of offering high-quality services to clients, and they have earned a reputation as one of the nation’s top brokers.

Their team of professionals can give benchmarking data and assist you in designing a program that is tailored to the demands of your company’s workforce.

FAQs about the Insurance brokers in Hawaii

What Is the Distinction Between an Insurance Broker and an Insurance Agent?

Brokers act for and in the interest of consumers, whereas agents work for and on behalf of insurance firms. Unlike agents, brokers are unable to execute an insurance deal.

Is It More Cost-Effective to Purchase Insurance Through a Broker?

Generally, insurance cannot be obtained through a broker, but an insurance broker can assist you in locating coverage that meets your needs.

After a broker has conducted the necessary research and provided possibilities to their clients, the policy must be bonded by an insurance agent or firm. A broker is not involved in the finalization of a deal.

What Is the Distinction Between a Broker and an Insurance Provider?

An insurance firm sells insurance, whereas a broker looks for insurance products that are most closely linked with the client’s requirements and objectives.

Is It More Affordable to Purchase Insurance Through a Broker?

While an insurance broker cannot sell you insurance, they may assist you in finding the finest and most economical coverage.


The insurance broker safeguards the company’s interests in a variety of ways, including market research, management of market information on running insurance firms and their services, and analyzing the feasibility of offering insurance coverage for certain types of risks.

As a result, he must have a broad understanding of the insurance industry as a whole and an understanding of how to deal with threats that endanger people and property.

The insurance broker is only productive if he enters into a joint venture with a business and an insurance company built on mutual trust, and this is the most critical and delicate component of insurance brokerage.


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Top 10 Insurance brokers in Hawaii

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