10 Best Insurance brokers in Plymouth

Best Insurance brokers in Plymouth

The knowledge about the insurance brokers in Plymouth is worthwhile because when people buy insurance, they all hope they will never need it. To avoid this, you need an insurance broker.

It is then up to your insurance broker to demonstrate their worth in dealing with that situation. Insurance brokers have access to a wide range of insurers and the ability to assess a client’s needs to ensure that the policy is appropriate.

Insurance brokers can also negotiate with insurers to get the best price and policy terms, and they can offer expert advice on which policy is best for you.


Insurance brokers in Plymouth

Here are Top Insurance Brokers in Plymouth.

  1. Plymouth Insurance Brokers

Plymouth Insurance Brokers began as a general insurance brokerage in 1975. The initial goal was to provide their clients with a high level of personal service while also using cutting-edge technology to provide the best rates and policies available.

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Their goal remains the same to this day: to provide an unparalleled level of service combined with extremely cost-effective insurance coverage.

In 1988, they decided to shorten the original Plymouth insurance brokers’ name to pib and concentrate their efforts on the needs of their commercial customers, as this was where they had the most experience. In 2009, they reverted to the Plymouth Insurance Brokers name.

They continue in this tradition today and take pride in being able to provide expert advice and insurance coverage for virtually any industry, from the large multi-location conglomerate to the small self-employed contractor, and everything in between.

If clients want personal service, value for money, expert advice, and cutting-edge insurance solutions, they can contact them for a free, no-obligation assessment of their client’s insurance needs.

Contact: +44 1752 600007

Address: 70 Mutley Plain, Mutley, Plymouth PL4 6LF, United Kingdom

  1. WPS Insurance Brokers

WPS insurance brokers provide personalized service across a broad range of insurance lines. Customers have direct access to a dedicated account broker; no holding or dealing with call centers.

Councils, Taste of the West members, Associated Independent Stores members, Fish Wholesalers, and Processors can all benefit from their specialized insurance. Their team can offer solutions to both small and large businesses.

Contact: +44 1752 670440

Address: Spargo House, 10 Budshead Way, Plymouth PL6 5FE, United Kingdom

  1. Westinsure Plymouth

Westinsure Plymouth is their client’s local, independent insurance specialist, offering a comprehensive range of business and personal policies that can be tailored to meet the insurance needs of all of their clients.

Their friendly, knowledgeable staff can guide clients through the process of establishing, renewing, or filing a claim.

In addition, the team can provide practical advice and a free, no-obligation review of clients’ current policies. They would be delighted to hear from their clients so that Westinsure Plymouth can begin to assist their clients and their businesses in obtaining a better insurance deal.

Contact: +44 1752 783333

Address: Unit 18, 6 Darklake Pk, Darklake View, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7FB, United Kingdom

  1. Higos Insurance Services Ltd | Plymouth Branch

They are here to assist clients who require bespoke commercial insurance or personal insurance cover for their home life. They have specialist knowledge in a variety of covers and can help their clients find the best policy to suit their needs as chartered insurance brokers.

Higos has access to a global network of insurers as well as an in-house claims team that takes the time to understand their clients’ needs.

Their Plymouth insurance brokers are particularly adept at locating bespoke personal insurance solutions, such as non-standard home insurance. They thrive on solving difficult problems in order to provide adequate coverage for their client’s needs.

Contact: +44 1752 401680

Address: 47 Mutley Plain, Mutley, Plymouth PL4 6JG, United Kingdom

  1. LMB insurance Services – Property Insurance & Business insurance

LMB Insurance Services is a Financial Conduct Authority-authorized and regulated Independent Insurance Broker.

They provide a variety of affordable and comprehensive insurance policies to commercial and personal clients throughout the United Kingdom. They are committed to only offering high-quality products, primarily from leading insurance companies, and they seek to avoid Insurance Companies that try to avoid paying claims; they take no pleasure in informing a client that a claim is not covered.

Also, they believe that their honesty and acting in their client’s best interests help them retain and be recommended by their existing clients. They are dedicated to maintaining their true independence and providing high-quality insurance solutions.

Contact: +44 1752 969170

Address: 22 Bickham Park Rd, Peverell, Plymouth PL3 4QL, United Kingdom

  1. Ascott Insurance Brokers Plymouth Branch

Since its inception in 1972, they have grown to become a major Commercial Insurance broker with a sizable and diverse client portfolio.

They base their business on providing exceptional quality advice, personal service, and attention to their clients’ needs. This is where they excel, and clients can be confident that their insurance arrangements are in good hands. They are an agile and proactive company founded on the underlying principle of hiring the best industry specialists to meet the needs of its clients.

Contact: +44 1942 888888

  1. Marsh Commercial

Their local presence in the heart of Plymouth ensures they understand their client’s business and can structure an insurance program specific to their client’s business needs. Their insurance experts can meet the needs of individuals, sole proprietors, and multi-site businesses, as well as larger organizations with a national footprint.

The company in Plymouth was founded in the 1960s as Charles Lovick & Co Ltd and Linaker (Plymouth) Ltd, which merged in 2002 and continues to trade as Linaker (Plymouth) Ltd. Linaker (Plymouth) Ltd was later purchased by SBJ UK Ltd in 2006 and became part of the Bluefin family in 2010. Jelf became Marsh Commercial in 2020, bringing the company closer to its parent company.

Their insurance experts in Plymouth can provide specialist advice and guidance for the care sector, ensuring that their care provider insurance policies adequately cover their business. They can assist clients in insuring their businesses protect what is most important to them and those who are most important to them.

Contact: +44 1752 202030

Address: 3rd Floor, Gill Akaster House, 26 Lockyer St, Plymouth PL1 2QW, United Kingdom

  1. Rowett Insurance Broking Ltd

Rowett Insurance Broking Ltd, founded in 1985, offers personal and commercial insurance online as well as through its offices in St Austell, Cornwall, and Plymouth, Devon.

They find the best quote for their clients so that they can have the assurance and peace of mind that their insurance needs are fully met.

Their Personal Insurance team is ready to listen to and understand their client’s needs, and they have the resources to search the market for a competitive and tailored quote that meets their expectations; they take control by relieving clients of the worry of insurance, and they take pride in providing a first-class personal service to all of their customers.

Contact: +44 1752 774686

Address: 249 Dean Cross Road, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 7AZ, United Kingdom

  1. Pantaenius UK Ltd

With over 50 years of experience, Pantaenius is one of the world’s most respected yacht insurance providers.

Their staff’s yachting experience and insurance expertise ensure that their needs are met with professionalism and understanding.

The Pantaenius Yacht Scheme clauses are among the most comprehensive available. Insurance is tailored from a comprehensive range of products to meet individual sailing needs, providing a one-stop shop for the serious yacht owner.

Pantaenius is well placed to provide advice and support to more than 100,000 customers, with offices in 15 locations around the world.

Contact: +44 1752 223656

Address: Marine Bldg, 1 Queen Anne Place, Plymouth PL4 0FB, United Kingdom

  1. PSP Group Saltash

They enjoy problem-solving, which complements their company’s ethos of expert advice with personalized service. They structured their business and trained their employees with this in mind. Each of their clients has access to their own account advisor.

Their experience and service excellence is critical, ensuring that all aspects of the PSP organization work together to provide first-rate service to their customers.

PSP Group has all of the latest technology, including electronic links to their business partners and specialists, to respond to their client’s needs, whether they are business or private clients.

Contact: +44 1752 855130

Address: Parkway Industrial Estate, PSP House Unit 2, Saltash PL12 6LF, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Insurance brokers in Plymouth

Insurance brokers serve as intermediaries between insurance companies and individuals or businesses.

Also, Insurance brokers use their extensive industry knowledge to find the best policy for a client after reviewing risk factors and finances.

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the insurance brokers in Plymouth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What exactly is an insurance payment?

An insurance premium is the sum of money paid by an individual or business for an insurance policy.

Premiums for policies covering healthcare, auto, home, and life insurance are paid. The premium is income for the insurance company once it is earned.

  1. What exactly is insurance risk?

Risk is defined in the insurance industry as the possibility of something harmful or unexpected happening.

This could include the loss, theft, or damage of valuable property and belongings, as well as personal injury.

  1. What is an illustration of an insurance company?

Allstate, MetLife, and Prudential are some well-known American stock insurers. A mutual insurance company is a corporation that is solely owned by policyholders, who are “contractual creditors” with voting rights on the board of directors.

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