10 Best Insurance Brokers in Wolverhampton

Best Insurance Brokers in Wolverhampton

Insurance brokers shop around for the best deals on insurance for their clients’ cars, homes, and businesses. Insurance brokers take the hassle out of finding the right policy.

These Insurance brokers specialize in assisting clients in saving money. Insurance Brokers can provide their clients with a variety of options at the most competitive prices by comparing policies from leading providers of various types.


Insurance Brokers in Wolverhampton

It can be time-consuming and stressful to shop around for a new insurance policy. The following are the top Insurance Brokers in Wolverhampton.

  1. Heritage Insurance Brokers (Wton) Ltd

Heritage Insurance Brokers is a well-known and trustworthy brokerage that has been providing competitive insurance policies throughout the United Kingdom since 1981.

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They provide their clients with a friendly and professional service that is efficient and cost-effective. Heritage Insurance is a firm believer in providing more than just low-cost insurance. They always put their customers first, which has allowed them to develop a large and loyal customer base.

Their goal is to be truthful with their clients and to find the best insurance to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Contact: +441902711788

Address: 44 Queen St, Wolverhampton WV1 3BJ, United Kingdom

  1. Midland Insurance Consultants

Midland Insurance Consultants, a family-run Insurance Intermediary (Broker), has partnered with A-Rated Insurance Companies based in the United Kingdom.

They’ve been in business for 20 years and have earned a solid reputation as a reliable small business with a strong emphasis on customer service. They genuinely care about each and every one of their clients and make an effort to learn about and understand their specific needs in order to adequately cover the risks to which clients may be exposed.

Also, they specialize in assisting Landlords, Property Investors, and Small Businesses (SME’s) to ensure that their assets are properly insured so that they can sleep well at night knowing they are properly protected.

Contact: +44 7872 610021

Address: 338 Dudley Rd, Wolverhampton WV2 3JY, United Kingdom

  1. Insurance 4U Services Limited

Insurance 4U compares policies from leading insurers to find the best deals for their customers’ vehicles, homes, and businesses.

Their insurance brokers make it easy for customers to find the best policy for them while also saving them money.

They can provide a variety of solutions at the most affordable prices to their customers by comparing policies from reputable providers such as AXA, LV, Aviva, Zurich, and others. They provide free, fast, no-obligation insurance quotes, and once customers find the right deal, they can assist them in getting their policy up and running.

To continue saving customers money year after year, they can also guide them through the annual renewal process, seeking out the best deals and discounts to ensure that their customers never miss out on a savings opportunity.

Contact: +44 1902 829190

Address: 92 Cannock Rd, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton WV10 8PW, United Kingdom

  1. Ashby Wray & Partners Ltd

Since 1922, Ashby Wray Insurance Brokers has been serving the insurance needs of business clients in all industries and trades.

Finding the right insurance solution for their clients at the right price is their top priority as fiercely independent Insurance Brokers.

They take pride in developing strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients, and they enjoy the benefits of developing personal relationships with both Directors and Senior Personnel.

It is because of these strong relationships, as well as their wealth of knowledge and experience, that they are able to fully understand the risks and challenges that each customer faces and to provide an intelligent, tailored insurance solution.

They prioritize doing business with financially secure insurers with established reputations for service quality and fair dealing. Despite its commitment to negotiating the most competitive premiums, Ashby Wray Insurance Brokers seeks value for money and never confuses premium reduction with true value.

Contact: +44 1902 420461

Address: Kenant Chambers/2 Bath Avenue, Wolverhampton WV1 4EQ, United Kingdom

  1. KGJ Insurance Group an NFP company

KGJ Insurance is a family-owned company led by a dynamic and entrepreneurial board of directors. The Group has a long history in England, with parts of it dating back to 1873.

The company is based in Wolverhampton and employs over 50 people. It also has an office in Warwickshire. The KGJ Group is made up of FCA-authorized firms that are dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients.

Each year, their clients entrust over £30 million in premiums to KGJ, indicating that the Group is a company that leading insurers want to work with.  KGJ, on the other hand, continues to provide a personal approach to working with clients as a family-owned Group.

KGJ Group will continue to expand through the acquisition of specialized brokerage firms in order to increase expertise in providing the best solutions to clients.

The customer-focused approach is constantly reviewed, and they are proud to both retain and welcome new customers year after year.

Contact: +44 1902 796796

Address: Charter court, 3 Chart, Broadlands, Wolverhampton WV10 6TD, United Kingdom

  1. Residentsline Flats Insurance

Residentsline’s sole focus has always been on insurance for apartment buildings. Residentsline is still the best choice for flat insurance after 25 years. Residents’ Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies, Residents’ Associations, Developers, Freeholders, and Landlords are all eligible for flat insurance policies.

Their flat insurance policies are among the best in the market. Finally, they provide the gold standard in customer service.

All of their UK customers have access to their 24-hour claims line and emergency services helpline as part of their flats insurance policies. That means that whenever a problem arises, clients will have easy access to the assistance they require.

Contact: +44 800 281235

Address: 29 Waterloo Rd, Wolverhampton WV1 4DJ, United Kingdom

  1. Cream Financial Solutions

They are one of the leading life and health insurance providers in the UK, with access to a diverse panel of providers at the most competitive rates.

Cream Financial Solutions takes pride in providing free, personalized advice to individuals and businesses alike. They are client-obsessed, and the client is always at the center of everything they do.

They will hold their client’s hand from the first conversation to the final claim. Working on a national scale while maintaining a local focus.

For over ten years, they have been providing bespoke protection solutions to their clients, focusing on their clients and adhering to their three principles: Making an Impact Defying convention Creating wealth – particularly at a time when it is most needed; they are passionate about what they do, as evidenced by awards won since 2013. Having paid out over £3 MILLION in successful claims, being there for their clients when they need them the most is deeply ingrained in their DNA.

Contact: +44 1902 894172

Address: 49 Waterloo Rd, Wolverhampton WV1 4QL, United Kingdom

  1. Q Underwriting

Q Underwriting is a strong and trustworthy partner for brokers and insurers. They write over £100m premium under delegated underwriting authority from a carefully selected group of A rated, key partner insurers, and are backed by some of the world’s leading private equity firms. Over 150 people work hard to support a nationwide network of brokers.

They debuted in 2019 as the home of some of the market’s most well-known niche commercial underwriting brands, such as Thistle Underwriting, TFP Schemes, and aQmen Underwriting.

In 2021, they merged these brands under the Q Underwriting brand to streamline their offering and provide all of their broker partners with access to an award-winning MGA with over 30 specialist commercial products backed by a rated capacity.

Contact: +44 1902 714000

Address: St Davids Court, Union St, Wolverhampton WV1 3JE, United Kingdom

  1. Life & General Ltd

Life & General will provide their clients with a wealth of professional expertise, experience, and knowledge as insurance brokers.

Clients will have peace of mind if they have the proper insurance coverage. Exceptional buying power has been enabled by 40 years of experience as a family-managed insurance broker to Midlands households and businesses.

Life & General (Sedgley) Ltd is based in Sedgley, between Dudley and Wolverhampton, and is their clients’ first choice for comprehensive and competitive insurance services for their client’s homes and businesses. Life & General (Sedgley) Ltd specializes in providing Household Insurance and Business Insurance to Industry, Commerce, and Tradespeople throughout the UK. Combined insurance packages that cover stock, employers’ liability, product liability, and public liability are available, or a bespoke tailor-made package can be created by discussing their Client’s specific requirements will be discussed with one of Life & General (Sedgley) Ltd’s business insurance advice experts.

Contact: +44 1902 881434

Address: 1-1A Bilston St, Sedgley, Dudley DY3 1JA, United Kingdom

  1. Acorn To Oaks Financial Services Ltd

Acorn to Oaks Financial Services Ltd was founded in 2008 by Directors with over 30 years of high-level financial services experience.

They believed then, as they do now, that financial service providers could better serve their customers.

Its mission has been to be recognized as a company that does much more than provide a comprehensive suite of financial products and services since 2008.

They want to give their customers an experience they won’t find anywhere else, one that is tailored to their unique current circumstances, and long-term needs, and is built on trust and transparency.

Contact: +44 1902 409414

Address: 93 Church St, Bilston WV14 0BJ, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Insurance Brokers in Wolverhampton

Clients should not be afraid of insurance jargon when it comes to choosing the right insurance for them.

Professional insurance brokers will explain the options available and ensure that their clients have adequate coverage for their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you will find the answers to the questions relating to insurance brokers in Wolverhampton;

  1. Who is the insurance policy’s beneficiary?

The policyholder is the owner of the policy, the insurer is the company that provides insurance coverage, and the beneficiary is the person who receives the benefit in the event of the policyholder’s death.

  1. What is the difference between life and general insurance?

While life insurance protects a person’s life, general insurance protects other aspects and assets in a person’s life.

  1. What are the four major insurance types?

Most financial experts advise everyone to have four types of insurance: auto, health, life, and long-term disability.

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10 Best Insurance Brokers in Wolverhampton

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