10 Top Insurance brokers in Liverpool

best insurance brokers in Liverpool

Insurance can be complicated and difficult for many customers, and they may require the assistance of a professional who will guide them in finding the best insurance policy based on their needs.

Insurance brokers are those who keep up to date on the latest changes and developments in the insurance market.

As a result, they play an important role in determining which insurance policy is best for a person based on their needs.


Top Insurance brokers in Liverpool

Here are top Insurance Brokers in Liverpool;

  1. Waltons Insurance Brokers

Waltons Insurance Brokers was founded in 1968; they are one of the few independent brokers in the City of Liverpool with global representation, and they value the ability to deal with the entire market for their clients.

Offering a personal service to all of their clients is the foundation of their company’s structure, and it is one of their main strengths.

With their extensive experience in meeting the diverse needs of their clients, as well as their access to all insurance markets, specialist, national, and international, they are confident that their specialist staff can assist their clients with their insurance needs.

Indeed, when combined with their network, Compass offers a comprehensive service to individuals, industry, and commerce. Clients can be confident that they are dealing with a well-established company that adheres to high professional standards and is independent, impartial, and expert.

Contact: +44 151 236 4488

Address: 11th Floor, The Plaza, 100 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9QJ, United Kingdom

  1. Wrightsure Insurance Broker Liverpool

Wrightsure Insurance is one of the country’s largest privately held insurance brokerages. They take pride in developing long-term relationships with each client with whom they work, and their philosophy is to provide the highest level of service, value, and result to every person or organization who comes into contact with them.

Clients will discover that they enjoy getting to know their clients and forming genuine partnerships, so they will understand what their clients require and when they require it.

They can arrange coverage for almost any type of minibus; some of their minibus insurance policies are as follows.

Their minibus insurance policies are carefully tailored to meet the needs of their clients. They can provide insurance for almost any type of minibus. Their dedicated minibus insurance brokers are here to assist their clients and take pride in their in-depth knowledge of minibus insurance policies. Their goal is to provide a dependable, high-quality service that is both professional and personalized.

They are very enthusiastic about their work and make certain that the service they provide to their customers is personalized and second to none.

Contact: +44 151 494 0007

Address: 11-12 Hurricane Dr, Speke, Liverpool L24 8RL, United Kingdom

  1. Butterworth Spengler Insurance Brokers

They provide their clients with a one-of-a-kind combination of experience, knowledge, and expertise in order to deliver effective insurance solutions in a dynamic and professional manner.

As a privately owned Insurance Broker that has been in business since 1924, they are able to prioritize their Clients’ needs and ensure that they benefit from the strength of their market relationships as well as their ability to provide high quality independent advice and claims support.

Their knowledge spans all professional, commercial, and manufacturing sectors, including real estate, construction, retail, transportation, and leisure. They collaborate closely with their Strategic Partners to provide a wide range of additional risk management and specialist services to their clients.

Contact: +44 151 494 4400

Address: Technology Park, 20-24 Faraday Rd, Liverpool L13 1EH, United Kingdom

  1. Marsh Commercial

They are a specialized Liverpool insurance broker that handles all types of general commercial insurance business, and they have a dedicated workforce and in-house claims department. They can also provide employee benefit solutions, effectively making them a one-stop shop for all insurance needs.

Also, they take pride in their long-standing client relationships, which include second and even third generation owners. They have done so by providing excellent client service and capitalizing on the strength of their market relationships.

Their dedicated team is committed to helping their clients’ businesses succeed now and in the future by cherishing and promoting their community values. They understand that the businesses and communities they serve are the foundation of their economy and society. That is why they work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure their success. They are concerned about the success of their clients’ businesses.

Contact: +44 151 236 1738

Address: 3rd Floor, 4 St Paul’s Square, Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9SJ, United Kingdom

  1. Coeus Insurance Management

Coeus Insurance Management was founded in 2013 to advise other businesses and professional firms on the full range of insurance requirements required to protect their assets and businesses. Coeus Insurance has over 50 years of combined experience in designing bespoke insurance programs that improve policy coverage while also lowering insurance costs.

Coeus Insurance Management has held the prestigious Chartered Insurance Broker designation from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) since 2013.

The company is publicly committed to a customer-first approach and values that align with a professional code of ethics. They will provide solutions that are relevant to the needs and requirements of their clients, while maintaining their knowledge through qualifications and ongoing professional development.

Coeus Insurance Management Ltd is a completely independent holding agency with a large number of insurers, allowing them to place business with whichever insurer best meets the needs of their clients.

Contact: +441514860626

Address: Inspiration House, 21 De Havilland Dr, Speke, Liverpool L24 8RN, United Kingdom

  1. Griffiths & Armour

Griffiths & Armour are a leading independent insurance broker with a single, unwavering focus: putting their clients’ best interests first in an increasingly consolidated and often undifferentiated world of insurance broking. Always.

They believe in developing strong client relationships. People are important to them. They develop mutually beneficial, trusted partnerships by taking a long-term perspective and investing time to understand the bigger picture. They work together to effectively manage and transfer your risk in order to protect and support the overall success of their clients’ businesses.

It’s about giving their clients peace of mind through the certainty of protection they arrange, and if the unexpected happens, their team of highly qualified insurance, claims, and risk management professionals will be there to help when they need it the most.

Contact: +44 151 236 5656

Address: 12 Princes Parade, Liverpool L3 1BG, United Kingdom

  1. JB Brokers Limited

JB Brokers takes pride in their customer care and service. JB Brokers prioritizes their clients’ needs, and this has been a priority since the company’s inception in 2017.

Matt and Mark, both Cert CII accredited insurance veterans with over 45 years of combined experience, are committed to their ongoing professional development. Matt has firsthand knowledge of the industry as a former taxi and courier driver.

This gives him an understanding of the significance of the decisions that must be made to ensure that their clients’ vehicles and other insurance subscriptions are properly insured. Mark’s experience working with Amazon allows him to understand the difficulties of working in such a demanding environment and insuring not only your vehicle but also the goods in transit.

Matt and Mark’s enthusiasm for insurance stems from the knowledge that they can protect their clients’ and their own livelihoods. JB Brokers has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are always available to help their clients find the best terms from their vast panel of leading insurers.

Contact: +44 330 995 8447

Address: 5 Tapton Way, Wavertree, Liverpool L13 1DA, United Kingdom

  1. Marx Insurance Services

Marx Insurance’s skilled team of specialists has over 100 years of professional brokerage experience. They take pride in providing a personalized and tailored approach.

Clients who choose them will get to know them by name, and they will make it their mission to get their clients properly covered at competitive premiums.

Their brokerage is all about their clients’ coverage and claims if they require insurance. In a rapidly changing landscape for UK business and property, their assistance is invaluable. Service levels are central to their operations.

Contact: +44 151 259 6196

Address: 114 Town Row, Liverpool L12 8SN, United Kingdom

  1. Letton Percival Ltd

Letton Percival has been providing independent specialist insurance advice for over a century. They have remained dedicated to the principle of service over the years.

Clients dealing with Letton Percival can expect personal, one-on-one contact and the development of a long-term relationship that delivers truly bespoke solutions to their needs.

Letton Percival’s clients can be confident that their work for them will meet expectations and provide them with the essence of effective insurance and ongoing peace of mind.

They are committed to providing an honest, personal, and reassuring service to both individuals and businesses. Letton Percival Ltd is a professional team that works with their clients to fully understand their needs and requirements in order to provide the best possible solutions. They advise and guide each of their clients in determining what is best for them. As a result, they cultivate long-term relationships based on trust.

Contact: +44 151 236 4568

Address: The Old Malthouse, Trueman St, Liverpool L3 2BA, United Kingdom

  1. Kingsbridge Risk Solutions

Kingsbridge Insurance Brokers is one of the UK’s leading insurance broking and risk management firms, having won the Insurance Times Awards for Independent Insurance Broker of the Year 2018.

They are forward-thinking insurance brokers who offer knowledge and expertise to all industry sectors.

However, they specialize in assisting clients in the following industries: recruitment, umbrella, property and construction, accident and health, and water.

Kingsbridge Insurance Brokers is a leading specialist insurance broking and risk management firm in the UK. What distinguishes them is the relationship they build with their clients in order to understand and meet their commercial needs.

Contact: +44 151 224 0650

Address: Charleston House, 12 Rumford Pl, Liverpool L3 9DG, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Insurance brokers in Liverpool

Insurance brokers’ knowledge may be useful to customers when selecting an insurance policy. They have a much better idea of which policy is best for the customers because they have worked in this sector all day.

See below for the answers to some of the most asked questions about the Insurance brokers in Liverpool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who does an insurance broker represent?

As an insurance broker, you will act as a go-between for your clients, who can be individuals or commercial businesses and organizations, and insurance companies, and you will offer products from multiple insurers to ensure that your clients get the best deal.

  1. What are the various kinds of insurance brokers?

Insurance brokers are classified into two types: retail and commercial. Retail insurance brokers provide health, home, travel, and auto coverage on behalf of businesses and individuals.

  1. What exactly is a dual agent?

A dual agent is a real estate broker or agents working for the same broker who act in a transaction on behalf of both the seller and the buyer.

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