10 Top Insurance brokers in Birmingham

Top Insurance brokers in Birmingham

There are outstanding insurance brokers in Birmingham devoted to finding the most appropriate insurance policy for you. Insurance Brokers can source specialist insurance to meet the needs of their clients’ businesses in any industry.

Also, insurance brokers provide assistance to sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, SMEs, and corporations of all sizes.

Individuals, including High Net Worth Individuals, and Property Owners can all be included. Insurance brokers understand that different industries face different challenges and risks, and they use their experience and expertise to assess their clients’ specific needs.


Insurance brokers in Birmingham

Insurance brokers get to know their clients’ businesses and people, asking detailed questions to gain a clear picture of the risks they face and the potential impact. Here are Top  Insurance Brokers in Birmingham

  1. Newstead Insurance Brokers

Global Risk Partners Limited (GRP), one of the UK’s largest independent insurance intermediary groups, owns Newstead.

As a member of GRP, they can combine their local, professional service with the resources and negotiating power of a national organization, benefiting their clients. Newstead Insurance Brokers is a young, dynamic company based in Birmingham that offers the business community an independent insurance broking, risk management, and advisory service.

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They are a driven customer-oriented organization that acts with the highest levels of professional integrity to ensure that they provide their clients with a service that is valuable and caring.

Newstead Insurance Brokers has access to a large market of top insurance companies as well as Lloyds of London. They provide insurance solutions that precisely match their clients’ needs, and their total commitment to this goal will continue to be the foundation of their success.

Contact: +44 121 410 2400

Address: 92 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 8LU, United Kingdom

  1. Dunsby Associates Insurance Brokers Limited

Aston Lark Limited has acquired Dunsby Associates. Aston Lark has access to a wide range of specialist schemes and additional services that can be tailored to the individual or business needs of their clients.

While their services are varied, their customer service, like that of Dunsby Associates, is always personalized.

They have worked hard to ensure that the transition to Aston Lark is as smooth as possible for their clients, so that they can continue to receive the high standards of service that Dunsby Associates clients have come to expect. Their clients will continue to deal with the same individuals.

Contact: +44 121 631 3051

Address: New Oxford House/Waterloo St, Birmingham B2 5UG, United Kingdom

  1. Norton Insurance Brokers

For over 50 years, Norton Insurance Brokers has been committed to protecting their customers’ interests and assets through quality insurance provision.

Their vision is straightforward. They will protect their clients’ insurance needs with experience, integrity, and care, allowing them to enjoy more of life’s adventures. Whether their customers require protection for their home, their vehicles, valuables they’ve amassed, trips they’re taking alone or with family, or their business, they have solutions to meet their needs.

They will have a dedicated contact to speak with and support their customers and their needs with their personal client manager service.

Their goal is to assist their clients in obtaining the insurance coverage they require for all aspects of their lives that require protection. More than that, it is to provide personal care to their clients in accordance with their values and needs.

Contact: +44 121 248 9440

Address: 4 Vicarage Rd, Birmingham B15 3ES, United Kingdom

  1. Crownsway Insurance Brokers Limited

Crownsway Insurance Brokers Limited is an independent insurance broker and underwriter that offers both standard and non-standard insurance.

They offer over 47 years of experience and expertise as an insurance broker and underwriter to support the needs of their diverse clients.

They recognize that each risk is unique, so they tailor their insurance to meet their clients’ needs while providing them with clear and accurate information for their protection.

However, regardless of their clients’ insurance needs, they can be confident that with Crownsway, they will receive all the assistance they require from their customer service team. Crownsway has a long history of providing religious organizations with insurance.

As a result, they are confident that they can provide insurance solutions that meet their clients’ needs when combined with their range of schemes and their own underwriting capability. Their clientele is very diverse, allowing them to gain knowledge of all religious organizations.

Contact: +44 121 554 3566

Address: DJS House, 183 Holyhead Rd, Birmingham B21 0BD, United Kingdom

  1. Colmore Insurance Brokers

The company was founded in 2014 by a group of risk and insurance professionals with over 100 years of combined experience.

Their directors have experience working for major insurance brokers and PLCs and believe that the sector is being driven by short-term goals that are not in the best interests of clients. Every client is important to Colmore Insurance Brokers.

They are steadfast in ensuring that this is constantly reflected in the service they provide. The values they have established guide their daily operations and ensure that they are always attentive to their clients’ needs. They believe in an integrated approach to risk management and risk transfer. Their proactive team works to expand the service they provide beyond the traditional insurance program, assisting you in obtaining the policy their clients require to protect their assets.

Contact: +44 121 796 5590

Address: 57 Water St, Birmingham B3 1EP, United Kingdom

  1. Adler Fairways Insurance Brokers

For over 30 years, Adler Fairways has been a reliable insurance broker. They help clients from a variety of industries, from small to large, all over the UK.

They rely on their expertise and have come to expect nothing less than the best in terms of advice and service from them. Independently owned, vastly experienced, and holding the prestigious Chartered Insurance Brokers status, their clients can be confident that Adler Fairways will tailor a bespoke package of insurance policies to meet the exact needs of their business.

Their team will research the best insurance for their business, from the motor trade to aviation, construction to property management, manufacturing to retail.

Contact: +44 121 764 5500

Address: Prudent House, 50 Yardley Rd, Birmingham B27 6LG, United Kingdom

  1. PIB Insurance Brokers

Their Birmingham branch has been in operation for over ten years and focuses on commercial insurance, offering bespoke risk transfer propositions across a wide range of business sectors. It also has a thriving professional services team that primarily serves Solicitors.

Their formation in 2015 reflected the belief that the demise of many mid-sized brokers created an opportunity for a new entity focused on client needs. Using a sector-specific approach, they prioritize close client relationships.

They are part of the PIB Group, which is one of the UK’s leading independent, diversified, specialist insurance and risk management advisers with a growing international presence. This is accomplished through a combination of hiring experienced and talented employees, organic growth, and targeted acquisitions.

Their group has over 45 offices spread across the UK, trading under various brands but with a common ethos. While they are primarily focused on the domestic market in the United Kingdom, they are increasingly able to assist their clients with their risk and insurance needs both domestically and internationally

Contact: +44 333 400 0900

Address: 43 Calthorpe Rd, Birmingham B15 1TS, United Kingdom

  1. Arthur Marsh Insurance Brokers

As a Birmingham-based independent insurance broker, they will provide their clients with the commercial insurance they require, no more, no less.

Their professional, highly trained team provides the advice, guidance, and support needed to assist their clients in making this critical decision.

They will provide an insurance solution that is right for their clients and their business, whether they are a well-established commercial concern, an owner-manager, or a private individual.

Contact: +44 121 439 2452

Address: 92 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 8LU, United Kingdom

  1. Aston Lark – Birmingham

Aston Lark Birmingham is one of the country’s top three independent Chartered Insurance Brokers, serving both commercial and personal clients.

They have over 70 offices and are trusted by 200,000 clients in the UK and Ireland. They offer a wide range of personal and commercial insurance policies, as well as a dedicated in-house Claims team for when their clients need them the most.

Also, they understand their clients better because they get to know them, and while insurance can be complicated, they make it simple and clear.

They are recognized for their ethical behavior, pursuit of excellence, and achievement of the highest standards for their clients. They never take their clients’ world for granted, and they never take it for granted.

Contact: +44 121 452 8450

Address: 30 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1QZ, United Kingdom

  1. Monaco Insurance Services Limited

Amrik Chote and Kay Gill founded Monaco Insurance Services in 2010. Amrik has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years. Amrik has played an important role in the company’s growth and development, and he continues to do so today.

Kay worked in the finance industry for 19 years before joining Amrik in broking. Kay’s responsibilities include client portfolio management, compliance, and human resources. They have a high client retention rate and a loyal customer base, and they have consistently achieved excellence in customer service.

Their reputation for upholding strong business ethics and a personal approach has resulted in 90% of their business coming from referrals from existing clients.

They take pride in only dealing with highly rated insurers and maintain positive working relationships with underwriters. This ensures that they obtain the appropriate coverage for their clients at competitive premiums, while also emphasizing a fair and prompt claims service.

Contact: +44 121 452 2099

Address: Pinnacle House, 8 Harborne Rd, Birmingham B15 3AA, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Insurance brokers in Birmingham

One of the primary benefits of using an insurance broker is that your claims are handled. Your insurance broker can assist you in filing a claim and dealing with any challenges that may arise.

If you buy an insurance policy directly from the insurance company, you may run into a slew of issues when it comes time to file a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See below for the answers tot the most asked questions relating to Insurance brokers in Birmingham;

  1. Is it difficult to sell insurance?

Even if you’re pitching to the most qualified prospect, don’t assume it’ll be an easy sell. Life insurance is a challenging product to sell. Getting your prospect to acknowledge and discuss the fact that they will die is a difficult first step.

  1. How many insurance policies does an agent sell?

Around 25 to 40 per month on average. The official number from the financial reports is 2.5 policies per month. However, many people work part-time.

  1. Do insurance brokers provide guidance?

Insurance is based on contract and law, and an insurance broker, like a solicitor or accountant, provides advice and clearly explains what your insurance covers and, more importantly, what it does not cover.

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