Top Insurance Brokers In New York 2022

Top Insurance Brokers In New York

If you wish to get an insurance policy and don’t know what to do, the top insurance brokers in New York would give you the right guide you deserve.

Plans for insurance assist people in managing potential risks to their lives or property. New insurance companies start up every day, some of which provide better insurance deals than their rivals. In this case, an insurance broker may be useful.

An insurance broker is a person who arranges suitable insurance policies for clients and is in charge of obtaining agreements.


Insurance Brokers In New York

These customers may be either individual or corporate clients. Here are a few New York insurance brokers.

  • 1. J. A. Reaney Agency Insurance Brokers

The J.A. Reaney Agency is dedicated to providing all of its clients with the highest quality insurance services at the best possible price.

You can be sure that when you work with the J.A. Reaney Agency to protect your company, you will get individualized service and an insurance plan that is tailored to your particular requirements.

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They currently represent every insurance provider in Pennsylvania and New York that provides group health benefits for employees.

Address: 112 W 34th St., New York, NY 10120, United States

Contact: +1 718-775-3904

  • 2. NY Insurance Brokerage

For the taxi community in New York City, NY Insurance Brokerage is a dependable and trustworthy multipurpose service.

Their team is committed to giving their clients the best services at the lowest cost possible in accordance with their financial needs.

They do this by utilizing their depth of knowledge, breadth of expertise, and years of experience in the taxi and limousine service industry. They are highly recognized and well known in the taxi community and beyond with regard to their services due to their collaboration with numerous industry players and effective and efficient handling of the demands of their clients. Here are the services they offer:

  1. In New York, they provide the best taxi insurance services. Their affordable rates for Green Cabs, Black Cars, Ambulettes, and Limos are available to you.
  2. They can offer TLC insurance in New York at the most competitive prices with the best service. In order to give you the best TLC insurance quotes, they deal with all insurance providers. Green Cabs, Black Cars, Car Services, and Private Cars can all use this service.
  3. If your car is in an accident, you should follow the instructions for filing a claim, and New York Insurance Brokerage will work with you closely.
  4. The ability to find a driver for your TLC car is one of Taxiland’s most crucial services. We will support you throughout the entire driver-setting procedure.

Address: 71-16 35th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, United States

Contact: +1 718-476-2025

  • 3. Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc.

One of those things you don’t really give much thought to is apartment insurance until you actually need it, at which point you wish you had done your research or read the fine print.

The trick is to plan ahead; determine what you own, its value, the amount of coverage you require, and how to avoid paying too much.

Does that sound challenging? It’s not necessary to be. For more than 50 years, the experts at Gotham Brokerage have been assisting New Yorkers by slicing through the confusion. They provide adaptable, individualized solutions and keep up with market developments.

They are a family-owned company with a long history in New York City. They have witnessed it all. You may rely on them to quickly obtain the insurance you require. Look no farther whether you need a basic rental insurance policy, heirlooms coverage, an upgrade, or a downgrade.

Given your demands and what the master insurance for your building currently covers, Gotham Brokers protects you with the appropriate level of coverage, giving you peace of mind. By making sure you don’t have duplicate coverage, they can contribute to keeping your insurance prices down.

Additionally, they will assist you in deciding which deductible is ideal for you.

Address: 75 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 10038, United States

Contact: +1 212-406-7300

  • 4. Greenpoint Insurance Brokerage

Greenpoint Insurance Brokerage is a reputable insurance brokerage with offices in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood.

This firm and its founders have a strong bond with the Greenpoint neighborhood because they had previously lived and worked there.

They adore helping the people they are privileged to refer to as their clients, and they make sure to do it with unrivaled enthusiasm and commitment. Greenpoint Insurance Brokerage serves all clients with regard to both commercial and personal insurance categories.

Address: 680 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Contact: +1 718-383-0306

  • 5. TY Health Insurance Brokerage

Payroll and benefits administration are essential functions for every company. All independent contractors and small-to-mid-size firms can administer their benefits for free thanks to TY Health Insurance Brokerage.

They can also assist you in saving money by ensuring that all of your insurance requirements are met. In order for business owners to succeed, they work to assist them in building a strong foundation and a health insurance strategy.

Address: 42 Broadway #12, New York, NY 10004, United States

Contact: +1 212-796-4373

  • 6. Integro Insurance Brokers

Integro Insurance Brokers is a multinational, multi-specialty risk management and insurance broker with more than 45 branches across four nations.

Integro has pioneered a distinctive strategy since 2005. They start by getting to know their clients inside and out, and then they use their superior analytical processes to give the thorough and timely information required to make recommendations for the optimum program design and coverage.

Their approach to managing risk and creating benefits programs is refreshingly personal, rigorously analytical, and constantly comprehensive, which attracts clients. Additionally, their outstanding client retention rate demonstrates that they value their customers.

Address: 1 State Street Plaza, New York, NY 10004, United States

Contact: +1 212-295-8000

  • 7. Kingsbrook Brokerage Service, Inc.

The foundation of Kingsbrook is the principle that their clients’ needs come first. They are all dedicated to addressing those needs.

As a result, a sizable portion of their business in the Tri-State area of New York comes from return clients and recommendations.

The insurance brokerage company Kingsbrook Brokerage Service Inc. focuses on a wide range of property and liability insurance.

Their company has been around for more than 50 years, and they have both personal and corporate lines of competence. Their objective is to offer the most thorough protection at the most affordable prices. They provide consistency and an unblemished reputation within the insurance sector.

Address: 32 Broadway, Suite 214 New York, NY 10004

Contact: +1 212-227-5444

  • 8. DurAmerica Brokerage

DurAmerica Brokerage is a general insurance company that focuses on serving the insurance requirements of commercial entities, holdings, and businesses as well as the people connected to them.

They have been representing the interests of their clients for 20 years, having been established in 1996. They support businesses with the acquisition, administration, and compliance of their insurance policies.

They also always advise their clients on the risks involved in running their companies, so they may continue to concentrate on expansion while feeling secure in the knowledge that they have a partner who effectively manages all insurance-related matters. Your one-stop source for commercial insurance is DurAmerica. They are a customer-focused, independent agency.

You can receive the appropriate pricing with the right policy thanks to their connections with dozens of insurance providers, including the top ten carriers in New York.

Make sure to contact one of their insurance specialists for a free estimate. Whether you are a startup, an existing firm with a history, or just someone wishing to start your own business, you want to collaborate with an organization that can support the expansion of your enterprise.

They fully explain it to you before locating the ideal coverage for you with the most reliable provider at the lowest cost.

Address: 214 W 39th St #207, New York, NY 10018, United States

Contact: +1 855-777-6932

  • 9. Fidens Insurance Brokerage

The Fidens Insurance Brokerage has been proudly upholding the highest levels of professionalism while proudly utilizing superior knowledge and distinctive insight within the insurance market.

Without favoring one insurance provider over another, they offer thorough evaluations to ascertain each client’s genuine risk profile and act as a discreet advisor on risk management.

This supports excellent advocacy and creative consulting in the global insurance industry. Additionally, they invest a lot of resources to support and advance the goals of each of their clients because they are passionate about seeing them succeed.

By rewarding them with unmatched services, they turn into a true extension of their clients and are frequently acknowledged as a partner in the practice.

Address: 48 Wall St 11 fl, New York, NY 10005, United States

Contact: +1 833-434-3367

Conclusion on the Insurance Brokers In New York

The first step to reaching your insurance goals is having a trustworthy and excellent insurance broker.

In the same way that having insurance is necessary, having a reputable insurance broker is also crucial.

Your plans must be carefully crafted and modified to meet your needs and financial constraints. By providing expert assistance and guidance, a reputable insurance broker should help you better understand the insurance products that are available.

Insurance Brokers In New York Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is it better to go through an insurance broker?

You might want to think about utilizing an insurance broker if your situation is complicated, odd, or if you’re insuring something unusual.

They are industry professionals and frequently can find you superior coverage at a fantastic price. Additionally, they can assist you with any claims you need to make.

  1. What is the largest insurance company in New York?

The largest insurance firm in the United States in 2020 was New York Life Insurance Company, which had a 6.75 percent market share.

Along with selling life insurance, annuities, and mutual funds, New York Life also runs a burgeoning investment management business. It also sells long-term care insurance.

  1. Why do insurance brokers pay?

Brokers receive a commission for the insurance they sell. The insurance provider that offered the policy will pay the broker a commission for bringing them business once the consumer of the broker has purchased the policy.

Depending on the type of insurance, the commission might be as high as 20% of the premium amount.

  1. Is New York Life a pyramid scheme?

One of the most reputable insurance companies in the nation and the largest mutual life insurance company worldwide is New York Life.

It is well known for both its employee training programs and its policies. It’s not a pyramid scheme or a fraud.


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Top Insurance Brokers In New York 2022

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