10 Top Rated Insurance Brokers in Cardiff

Insurance Brokers in Cardiff

Whether a client is a self-employed tradesman, owns a local café, or is in charge of a growing national retail empire, it is critical that clients protect the future of their business with a commercial insurance policy (sometimes also referred to as business insurance).

Although it is not a legal requirement, a good commercial insurance policy will protect their company from a variety of unforeseen and potentially disastrous events.

For example, a robbery, a fire, an accident, a defective product, a rogue employee, and other incidents.


Insurance Brokers in Cardiff

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  1. Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants Ltd

Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants Ltd is an independent insurance broker based in Cardiff, in the village of Whitchurch near the M4 motorway.

Roger Watkins founded the company in 1978 and it is now a trusted insurance advisor to many individuals and businesses across the UK. They are proud of their independence and take pride in providing excellent customer service.

They are proud of their claims service; their goal is to provide first-rate service and ensure that settlement is completed within their customers’ expectations.

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They have a highly skilled team that works hard to understand the requirements and needs of their customers. They have access to a large panel of insurers, allowing them to provide clients with the coverage they require at a reasonable price.

Contact: +44 29 2062 6226

Address: 19 Penlline Rd, Cardiff CF14 2AA, United Kingdom

  1. Insight Insurance Services Ltd

Insight was founded in response to growing business dissatisfaction with the insurance industry, with the goal of providing the best possible service to their clients.

Their clients are confident that if the unthinkable occurs, they will be protected by an insurance package second to none, backed up by a professional and attentive team of highly qualified advisors. Their clients range from plastics manufacturers to film production companies to boat builders.

Whatever industry their clients are in, their brokers will review their risks and present them to their panel of insurers to ensure that they receive the best quote.

Contact: +44 29 2066 0158

Address: Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Rd, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9LJ, United Kingdom

  1. Business Insurance Group

Nigel Spencer, the owner of the Business Insurance Group, has been an Appointed Representative of Bennett Gould & Partners Dorset Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, since 2010.

The BIG advantage of being an Appointed Representative of a much larger company is the purchasing power, combined with many more insurers wanting to trade with Client’s and the ability to offer a much wider range of products to suit all situations. The Business Insurance Group has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, offering everything from car insurance to professional indemnity insurance, and all employees are fully trained and qualified.

Contact: +44 345 467 9901

Address: 97 Heol Llanishen Fach, Cardiff CF14 6LB, United Kingdom

  1. Protect Commercial Insurance

Protect Commercial is a Commercial Insurance Broker that specializes in commercial property, buy-to-let portfolio, and small package insurance solutions.

They have a unique distribution model and are referred by IFAs and mortgage brokers. Based in the commercial heart of Cardiff Bay, they think in a progressive and diverse manner. They stay ahead of the market to ensure that brokers and their clients have constant access to the best products and services.

Collaboration with Protect Commercial. With a service-oriented strategy and a well-thought-out portfolio of protection products, they are quickly becoming the UK’s “go to” commercial broker.

Contact: +44 29 2167 7140

Address: 33-35 W Bute St, Cardiff CF10 5LH, United Kingdom

  1. ActiveQuote Ltd

ActiveQuote is the UK’s leading health and protection insurance comparison website and broker, offering health insurance, income protection, life insurance, and critical illness cover.

They’re an independent insurance broker based in vibrant Cardiff Bay, fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and can compare products from a variety of leading insurers. They work directly with each insurance company to bring their customers the best prices available and to enable their team of specialist consultants to help clients find the best policy for their own unique circumstances.

As a result, they can frequently identify ways to reduce premiums without compromising the level of coverage provided.

Contact: +44 800 862 0373

Address: Global Reach, Dunleavy Dr, Cardiff CF11 0SN, United Kingdom

  1. Marsh UK Ltd

Possibility is their goal. The concept of possibility isn’t just something Marsh talks about; it’s something they’ve lived with for over 150 years.

They protect and promote Possibility in order to help their clients and colleagues grow and their communities thrive. They are looking for better ways to manage risk and define more efficient paths to the desired outcome. They look beyond risk to reap benefits for their clients, their company, their colleagues, and the communities they serve.

Clients have trusted Marsh for many years to advise them during the most difficult and joyful times, assisting them in achieving success by becoming more resilient and achieving the impossible. With new risks and opportunities constantly emerging, they assist clients in navigating the changing risk landscape, achieving ambitious goals, and securing their future.

Contact: +442920431000

Address: 16 Windsor Pl, Cardiff CF10 3BY, United Kingdom

  1. insureTAXI

They are one of the largest taxi insurance brokers in the UK, and they are very proud of what they do. Insure TAXI, which was founded in 2005, now employs over 60 people and has assisted over 50,000 taxi drivers. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and very experienced, and they are committed to finding the right cover for cly at a reasonable price.

Great reviews and solid retention rates attest to their service levels. As a taxi insurance broker, they will work hard on their behalf to obtain the taxi insurance policy that best suits their needs. It is critical to strike the right balance between a competitive premium and the appropriate level of coverage.

Because taxi driving is either their livelihood or their business, being off the road can be costly. In the unfortunate event of a non-fault accident, their coverage will ensure that clients are back on the road as soon as possible in a like-for-like replacement vehicle.

Contact: +44 29 2132 9337

Address: Capital Shopping Park, 1st Floor, Pod 2, Cardiff CF11 8EG, United Kingdom

  1. Archenfield Insurance Management

Archenfield Insurance provides a traditional broking service centered on their conscientious commitment to providing quality insurance to those in need.

Technological advancements allow for even greater efficiency in their service, a quality that their long-standing customers throughout Wales and the West of England have grown accustomed to.

Their team of personable brokers are here to work with clients to secure the insurance Client’s need with a wide range of commercial and individual policies at the ready, with offices in the heart of Monmouthshire and Cardiff Bay.

Contact: +44 29 2045 9201

Address: 6 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff CF10 5EE, United Kingdom

  1. Reassured

Reassured is now the largest life insurance broker in the UK, with over 814,000 policies sold. They compare life insurance quotes from major insurers such as Zurich, AIG, LV, SunLife, and Legal & General, as well as smaller specialists such as The Exeter.

They always keep things simple and free of jargon, and they never charge customers for their award-winning service.

Steve Marshall founded Reassured in 2009 with only four employees. They now employ over 650 people across nine UK locations (Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Southampton, Manchester, Bournemouth, Bristol, Chester and Bristol). Their continued expansion demonstrates that they are very good at what they do and consistently exceed their customers’ expectations.

Contact: +44 808 168 2025

Address: Regus House, Falcon Dr, Cardiff CF10 4RU, United Kingdom

  1. Source Insurance

For over 25 years, Source Insurance has been assisting brokers with their General Insurance businesses. Source has been committed to providing first-rate service and expert knowledge of the insurance industry since its inception in 1993.

They’ve grown and changed over the years to become the brand they are today by staying true to the roots of their organization’s core beliefs and values while adapting to modern advancements. Source Insurance offers an easy-to-use quotation platform with whole-of-market insurance quotes, assisting brokers in remaining FCA compliant.

Contact: +44 29 2026 5265

Address: 2nd Floor, Wing A, Global Reach, Dunleavy Dr, Cardiff CF11 0SN, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Insurance Brokers in Cardiff

If one of the risk scenarios occurs, you may be able to claim for things like legal expenses, compensation, and loss of income, additional staff costs, rent, and more, depending on your business, circumstances, and insurance provider.

See below for the answers to the most asked questions relating to the insurance brokers in Cardiff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the two major types of insurance?

There are two kinds of insurance: Insurance for life. Insurance in general.

  1. Why is insurance necessary in our lives?

Insurance is a financial safety net that assists you and your loved ones in recovering after a disaster, such as a fire, theft, lawsuit, or car accident.

When you buy insurance, you’ll get an insurance policy, which is a legal contract between you and your insurance company.

  1. What are the two major types of insurance?

There are two kinds of insurance: Insurance for life. Insurance in general.


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10 Top Rated Insurance Brokers in Cardiff

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