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Insurance Carriers

Today, we will look at getting an appointment with Insurance Carriers. What happens after you obtain your insurance license? While you may be eager to get started selling policies at your insurance agency, there is one thing you must do first: schedule an appointment with an insurance company.

Getting an appointment with an insurer means you’ve been approved to sell insurance products on their behalf. For example, if you are appointed with Nationwide, you can sell coverage to your clients through Nationwide.

This is true regardless of whether they require commercial or personal insurance. You will be unable to sell those policies if you do not attend this appointment.

Tips on how to get appointed with insurance companies so you can start selling policies and growing your business are provided below.


Investigate Your Options

Getting an appointment with an insurance company isn’t always simple. Take the time to research your options before you begin filling out applications.

Which insurance companies are you looking to work with? Make a list, and then begin learning everything you can about how the company operates.

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You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do these businesses allow you to schedule appointments with multiple businesses, or are you limited to a single appointment?
  • Are they currently accepting new agents, or do you have to wait until a later date?
  • What are the company’s financial objectives?
  • What quota requirements are there?

Discover the Carrier’s Requirements.

Examine the appointment application and website of a specific insurer to see what qualities it seeks in its agents.

You can also contact the insurance company directly and ask to speak with the Business Development Manager or someone in a similar position.

Among the most common requirements are:‍

  • An active insurance sales license
  • A successful track record of selling insurance
  • A solid business plan in place, with regular reviews
  • a strong desire to succeed
  • A well-established online presence and marketing ability
  • Excellent customer service abilities

Before giving you a company appointment, insurance companies want to know that you’re a licensed agent who is willing and able to sell products and find new clients. Insurers also want to ensure that you treat policyholders well so that they continue to renew. Experience in these areas can help you get a direct appointment.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can prioritize the insurance companies that are most likely to grant you an appointment.

Request an Appointment

It’s time to learn more about the insurance company you’ve decided to apply with first. Most businesses have a website with information for potential employees, so start there. You’ll probably learn more about how to get an appointment with them and the benefits of doing so.

Completing the Application

Many insurance companies allow agents to complete the initial application online. You’ll be asked questions about yourself and your company.

Make certain that you complete each section of the application completely and honestly. Now is not the time to exaggerate your book of business or add a couple of years to your experience.

The Meeting

Following the submission of this online appointment request form, you may be contacted by a sales manager at the company.

If this goes well, you may be required to submit another more formal application and participate in a more in-depth interview. The paperwork and portfolio are then reviewed, and the company decides whether or not to approve your appointment.

The Following Steps

The exact process varies by company, so make sure to ask what your next steps are. For example, if you get an appointment with Atena to sell health insurance, you must complete its training program.

Likewise, P&C carriers may have their own requirements. Always double-check the requirements so that none of them catch you off guard.

Keep in mind that getting a direct carrier appointment takes time. Many agents report that the process takes several months to complete. One of the reasons is that your insurance company is required by law to register your appointment at the state level.

What if you’re eager to begin selling right away and want to expedite the insurance agent appointment process? Consider becoming a captive agent first, which means you only work for one insurance company and sell their products.

After that, you can gain some experience and learn more about the insurance process before becoming an appointed agent with other carriersan independent agent.

Can You Get Appointments with Multiple Insurance Carriers?

You can apply for appointments with various insurance companies as an independent agent. This way, you have options for your clients and can assist them in finding the best policies for them.

It is important to note, however, that not all companies allow you to have multiple appointments. Make certain that the companies you choose are aligned with your business objectives.

3 Ways to Get Insurance Appointments

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the insurance appointment process, here are some pointers to help you get appointed by insurance companies.

  1. First and foremost, network.

Attend industry events, connect with other agents on LinkedIn, and get to know any carrier reps at the insurance classes you take if you want to get your name out there in the insurance world.

While the person with whom you are interacting may not have the final say on your appointment, maintaining a positive relationship with them will not hurt your chances.

Even if they don’t work at the carrier you’re interested in, they may know someone who does. It will be easier to ask for an introduction or even a personal recommendation once you have established that relationship.

  1. Look for Unusual Insurance Types

Getting appointments for personal lines of insurance, such as life or auto insurance, can be difficult if you’re just starting out. Most businesses prefer agents with extensive experience and a strong book of business in the niche.

However, by looking into less common types of insurance, you can reduce competition and increase your chances of approval. Consider selling commercial insurance, such as E&O policies, or branching out into niche insurance policies, such as food truck insurance or salvage car insurance. Being able to reach out to a variety of clientele can help you make a favorable impression on the insurance company.

  1. Gain Prior Experience

It takes a long time to apply for a direct appointment as an independent insurance agent.

However, if you are willing to work alongside other agents for a few years, you can gain the experience you need to stand out from the crowd and land the appointment of your dreams.

Consider working with a Managing General Agent when you first start out (MGA). MGAs are wholesale brokers who act as go-betweens for insurance agents and insurers. They assist agents and carriers in obtaining unique types of coverage for clients. When you have direct access to agent support from a larger group, getting appointments is easier than if you’re a new agency going it alone.

Furthermore, the underwriting skills you learn during this time can help you get appointments in the future.

Keep records while working with others so you can demonstrate your profitability. Insurers want to see evidence that you can grow and profit as an insurance agent.


Carrier Appointments Can Help You Grow Your Insurance Business

Carrier appointments can help you grow your business as an insurance agent. They can help you find new customers because the different carriers you sell will attract different customers.

If you’re having trouble getting your first few appointments, think about other options that can still help you reach your business objectives.

Final thoughts on how to get appointment with Insurance carrier

Because it can be difficult to secure a contract with a carrier without a strong pipeline of producers, many companies begin by securing contracts through upstream agencies such as FMOs, aggregators, MGAs, or MGUs.

If you go this route, consider which carriers you’d like to schedule appointments with first. Knowing which carriers you want to partner with ahead of time can give you an idea of how many larger agencies you need to partner with to achieve that list, as well as help you target your partnership goals.


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Best Way to Get Appointments with Insurance Carriers

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