Top 10 Rated Insurance Brokers in Brighton

Insurance brokers in Brighton

Insurance brokers in Brighton have experience in various types of insurance and risk management, and they work closely with you to determine the scope of your insurance requirements.

With this knowledge, insurance brokers will shop a variety of insurance companies to find the best policy for your company.


Insurance Brokers in Brighton

As an independent broker, they have access to the entire market in order to obtain the most competitive, but more importantly, the most appropriate insurance products for their clients and their business. Here are Top 10 rated Insurance Brokers in Brighton.

1. Coversure Insurance Services Brighton

Coversure Insurance Services Brighton established the office to provide an affordable, independent insurance service to the businesses and residents of Brighton and Sussex.

Because of their team’s extensive industry experience, they can assist their clients with everything from landlord and taxi insurance to business and liability protection. Because of their close relationships with some of the UK’s leading insurers, their clients can be confident that they will receive excellent coverage at an affordable price.

Clients who choose them as their broker not only gain access to a wide range of high-quality landlord, motor, and business policies, but they also receive unparalleled personal service.

Contact: +44 1273 019092

Address: 135 Elm Grove, Brighton BN2 3ES, United Kingdom

2. Preston Insurance Brokers

Preston Insurance Brokers believes in doing things the right way.

This includes taking the time to learn about their clients and their business, as well as providing friendly and personable service on which their clients can rely.

Preston Insurance Brokers have all of their clients’ needs covered under one roof, whether they are a new business looking to discuss their insurance options or an established corporation looking to review their policy.

They’ve set out to be a different kind of broker since they first opened their doors in December 2012. The kind that tells their clients exactly what they’re getting and why.

The kind that saves clients from meaningless insurance jargon, reams of paperwork, and sales pitches. The kind that gives their clients confidence that they are fully protected by the right policy and people. The kind that always puts their clients first.

Contact: +44 333 222 1188

Address: 8 Hollingbury Pl, Brighton BN1 7GE, United Kingdom

3. Reassured

Reassured specialize in finding appropriate life insurance protection for families all over the country.

With over 50,000 independent customer reviews, their service is rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot. They are proud to have assisted in the protection of over 1,000,000 families in the United Kingdom.

Reassured is FCA-regulated, and their award-winning service is completely fee-free, giving clients the best quotes and all the information they need to make an informed decision.Whether clients need assistance with a claim, want to write a policy in trust, or simply have a question, their team is available to assist. Reassured has been assisting families in arranging protection for over ten years, and their team has grown significantly during that time.

They have expanded from a single small office in Hampshire to multiple locations across the UK.

Their rapid expansion reflects the award-winning and highly rated service they provide.

Also they will assist their clients in completing the application process and deciphering any jargon, ensuring their clients’ confidence in the decision they have made.

Contact: +44 808 168 2025

Address: Regus, 106 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XF, United Kingdom

4. Reason Global Insurance

Reason Global Insurance are known throughout the world for their expertise in these niche markets and have an international reputation for excellence as the UK’s leading experts and the only Lloyd’s of London broker solely specializing in insurance for the moving, self-storage, and relocation industries.

With over 100 years of combined experience, their dedicated team of professionals has a strong understanding of the specific commercial challenges that their clients face, which means that more than 500 companies worldwide seek expert advice and the highest quality insurance services.

Their impeccable track record has also earned us the trust of the British Association of Removers and their overseas group, who have appointed Reason Global as their professional advisers. Reason Global, as your insurance broker, will be able to add real value to their clients’ businesses wherever they are in the world.

They understand global relocation and the challenges it entails, and they have the experience to assist their clients in protecting themselves and their businesses at every step of the process.

Contact: +44 1273 739961

Address: Maxx House, 46 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XB, United Kingdom

5. Anchor Insurance Services Ltd

They offer a variety of low-cost insurance options that provide excellent protection for their clients and their businesses.

Anchor Insurance Services Ltd offer highly competitive insurance for public and private hire, fleets, executive hire, mini buses and PSVs with up to 17 seats, and motor trade insurance. Quick repair authorization (subject to receipt of accident report form and estimate), Free Legal Expenses cover, Replacement Plated vehicle in the event of a non-fault accident (subject to availability), Free £10 Million Public Liability Cover, Free Personal Accident Cover up to £100,000, and Free Roadside Assistance & Local Recovery Breakdown Cover are all included (Additional Cover available).

They offer policies that cover the cost of unexpected loss or damage to both building works and machinery, as well as movement, business interruption, public liability, installation, and construction. Contractors All Risks insurance is specifically designed to protect contractors.

Contact: +44 1273 626362

Address: 30 Coombe Rd, Brighton BN2 4EA, United Kingdom

6. Petherwick Insurance Brokers

Petherwick Insurance Brokers are an independent insurance broker with over 40 years of experience in commercial insurance.

Their friendly team, based in West Sussex, is ready to assist their clients with all of their insurance needs.

Petherwick Insurance Brokers are proud members of the Aviva 110 Club, which allows them to provide you with superior coverage at the most competitive prices.

Contact: +44 1273 822222

Address: Gordon Mews, Gordon Close, Portslade, Brighton BN41 1HU, United Kingdom

7. Aviva

Over 15.5 million people in the United Kingdom use them to protect their belongings and plan for the future.

That future – and the goals clients want to achieve in the interim – can appear far away. However, the small steps their clients take now will make a significant difference later on.

They will be right there beside their clients at every step, assisting them in putting one foot in front of the other towards a brighter, better future. The Aviva Community Fund provides year-round support and quarterly funding for causes that are creating a brighter and more sustainable future as part of their mission to be with their clients today for a better tomorrow.

Aviva Insurance is constantly striving to make things easier for their clients, such as having more of their clients’ claims paid on the same day. Claims payments used to take up to ten days to reach customers via BACS or cheque. They can now make faster payments directly from their claims management system. This means less stress and fewer phone calls, allowing their clients to quickly return to normalcy.

Address: Lanchester House, Trafalgar Pl, Brighton BN1 4FU, United Kingdom

8. Drewberry Insurance

Drewberry was founded in 2009 by Andrew Jenkinson and Tom Conner, who saw an opportunity to take a different approach to how people in the UK purchased Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, and Income Protection.

The web technologies used by the insurance industry at the time were almost entirely focused on quote engines aimed at generating ‘competitive’ premiums. Those looking for cover, however, were surrounded on all sides by acres of dense small print and industry jargon, making it impossible to compare like with like.

As a result, Drewberry Insurance was born to cut through the jargon and provide clients with clear, concise advice on how to protect themselves from what life has to offer. They set out to provide the best customer service in their industry, and their customers seem to agree.

They have more five-star reviews than almost any other adviser in the UK, and 98% of their clients say they would gladly recommend them.

Contact: +44 1273 646484

Address: Telecom House, Preston Rd, Brighton BN1 6AF, United Kingdom

9. Riverstone Management

RiverStone has established itself as a “best in class” run-off specialist, both as a highly effective operator and a reputable employer.

The ongoing evolution of their business and their associates is a collective and individual responsibility fostered by an entrepreneurial environment in which associates are fulfilled and valued.

They strive to be unassuming, straightforward, and easy to engage for sellers, brokers, and other stakeholders. They have always stood for and will always strive for responsible run-off. They will never jeopardize the honesty and integrity that are so important in all of their relationships.

Contact: +44 1273 562345

Address: 163 Preston Rd, Brighton BN1 6AU, United Kingdom


INSHUR is a fully digital insurance platform designed specifically for today’s Private Hire drivers.

The team was founded in October 2016 and is based in New York and Brighton, UK. INSHUR is the fastest growing provider of Private Hire insurance. The mobile app allows drivers to quote, purchase, and service insurance policies at their leisure using their mobile device.

INSHUR eliminates the need to call or visit brokers, wait for a quote, find parking, mail payments, and return with missing paperwork. The INSHUR app allows you to quote, buy, and manage insurance in minutes.

Contact: +44 808 169 9165

Final thoughts on Insurance Brokers in Brighton

Insurance brokers research coverage, terms, conditions, and the price of various policies before making a recommendation, whether they are focused on one specific type of insurance or industry or more generalized across a variety of categories.


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Top 10 Rated Insurance Brokers in Brighton

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