Best Health insurance companies in Virginia 2022

Health insurance companies in Virginia

Let us take a look at the best Health insurance companies in Virginia and reasons you should think of getting your health insured.

You know, it sounds a bit off to speak about states in the U.S with good health care insurance companies without talking about the state of Virginia.


Overview of Health insurance companies in Virginia

Health insurance companies in Virginia are good, affordable, and live up to the expectation of the residents. Besides, you will be surprised at the various benefits your affordable health care plan could bring to you.

Most times, people search for health insurance coverage plans that can be affordable and useful to them but they end up getting discouraged and tired.

Also, lots of factors contribute to this discouragement people feel after setting about to get the services of health insurance companies.

Nevertheless, we are all about the bright sides of life and that includes talking about health insurance companies in Virginia. If you don’t mind, let’s get down to business.

To start with, a lot of health insurance companies have opened their doors for business in the state of Virginia. More so, they all provide health coverage plans but they are not very similar to each other. Health care plans vary from company to company.

You only have to carefully find out which company provides the coverage that is good for your needs.

For the good of everyone, we took out time to make some research about the health insurance companies in Virginia, and from our findings, you can decide on the company door you’d likely be knocking on, or not.

  1. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Firstly, Anthem has been in business in the state of Virginia for the past 50 years. In fact, they provide health care coverage for most residents in the state and they have been ranked the fifth largest health care company in the United States.

health insurance companies in Virginia

They have a great nationwide network that helps people travel without any worry about their health coverage. That is because they work in line with thousands of health care facilities and doctors.

Furthermore, Anthem allows its customers to buy disability, dental and life benefits. That is among the goodies they offer to the people using their health coverage plans.

Here’s is a list of their affordable packages.

Catastrophic 855:

This is the cheapest of their plans for: $40 copay on first three pcp office visits. $8,8550 deductible and 0% coinsurance applies to most other none preventative expenses. You must be under 30 or prove to be very poor before you can apply.

Bronze 8200:

40% coinsurance. $8,220 deductible. Deductible applies to all non-preventative expenses.

Bronze 5500: $5,500 deductible with 35% coinsurance. 40% copay.

Bronze 5800 online plus: 25% pcp office visits copay. $5,800 deductible. 30% coinsurance.

Bronze X5900 for HSA-HSA eligible plan. $5,909 deductible. 35% coinsurance. Deductible applies to all non-preventative expenses.

  1. Cigna

Cigna boasts of over one hundred and eighty million users in over thirty countries. They have quite a large network all over the country and offer easy access to hospitals and doctors.

Cigna offers different plans for its users in Virginia. If you are below sixty-five years old, this is the list of their plans that can benefit you.

Cigna Connect 7000: $7,000 deductible. 40% coinsurance. Zero charges for any virtual medical attention.

Cigna Connect 6750: 40% coinsurance. $6,700 deductible.$8 preferred generic drug copay. $30 pcp office visit copay.

Cigna Connect 5500: $5,500 deductible. 40% coinsurance. $20 pcp visit copay. $10 preferred generic drug copay.

Cigna Connect 1500: $1500 deductible. 25% coinsurance. $20 pcp office visit copay. Prescription drugs must meet deductibles and coinsurance.

Cigna Connect 2000: $2,000 deductibles.25% coinsurance.$8 preferred generic drug copay and $20 generic drug copay. $50 preferred brand drug copay.

Cigna Connect 6500: $6500 deductible with 40% coinsurance. $20 pcp office visit. $4 preferred generic drug copay. $30 urgent care copay.

Cigna Connect 3500: $3,500 deductible with 40% coinsurance. $25 and $75 copays. $5 preferred generic drug copay and $25 generic drug copay.$75 preferred brand drug copay.

  1. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser is a highly top-performing health care company. Not your kind of regular, if you ask us. Kaiser offers health care insurance services in Virginia, Hawaii, Washington, DC, and a host of other states in the U.S.

So, when it comes to the best health insurance companies in Virginia, Kaiser Permanente should be among the top three.

We have listed some affordable plan options they have.

KP VA Catastrophic 8550/0/Vision: First three pcp office visits are 100% covered. 0% coinsurance applies to most other non-preventive expenses. $8,550 deductible.

KP VA Bronze 7500/40%/vision: #7,500 deductible. 40% coinsurance.

KP VA Gold 1700/25/Vision: $25 & $60 office visits copays. $60 urgent care copay. 30% coinsurance. $1,700 deductible. $15 and $60 generic and preferred brand drug copays.

  1. Optima

Optima is a large health care insurance coverage provider.

Currently, they provide coverage for at least, four hundred and fifty thousand persons in the state of Virginia. Also, they have not less than twenty-five thousand doctors, hospitals, and health facilities working with them.

Optima operates in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Newport News, Roanoke. They have a business plan for employees, family plan, and individual plan.

Again, Optima is in partnership with another insurance company called Sentara Healthcare. This makes Optima provide a type of special services to its users.

  1. Piedmont

Piedmont is a health care provider that serves the locals very well. It has its primary coverage in counties like Prince Edward, Campbell, Cumberland, Nottoway, Bedford, among others.

Free health insurance companies in Virginia for adults:

Obviously, when it comes to free health insurance companies in Virginia for adults, we all simply turn around and focus our gaze on Medicaid. You see, taking care of the adults for free in Virginia is what they know how to do too well.

Since 2019, adults between 19 and above till 65 years in the state of Virginia can now enroll in low-cost or free health insurance plans suitable for them.

For instance,  if you are an adult and want to enroll for health insurance coverage, you must be qualified for it or have an income that is within the limit.

However, adults that are 65 years old and above, blind or disabled can qualify for full health care coverage. But if you do not belong to this category of adults, you may not be qualified for full health coverage.

That is, you must have a certain amount of money in your medical bill before you become qualified for Medicaid.

Medicaid in Virginia covers:

  1. Doctor’s visits
  2. Regular check-ups
  3. Hospital care
  4. Prescription drugs
  5. Immunizations
  6. Dental Care
  7. Mental health care

Medicare in Virginia:

Now, Medicare has a part A (hospitalization and skilled nursing cost) and it costs $1,484 deductibles for you to meet up each benefit period. Therefore after meeting up with your deductibles, you will get $0 coinsurance payment per day for inpatient hospitalization.

$371 per day for a period of sixty-one to ninety days. Also $742 per day for ninety days and beyond. This lasts for a period of sixty days.

Medicare part B (medical insurance cost)

$203 deductibles

20% coinsurance payment after you meet your deductibles. Beyond your deductibles, you are responsible for whatever Medicare part B covers.

Medicare part C called a Medigap plan does not have the same cost. Part C covers the coverage of parts A and B and a part of  D. Sometimes, it includes, dental and vision plan benefits.

Medicare part D (prescription drug)

This plan may include deductibles to be paid off before the plan takes over for the prescription. Moreover, your prescription coverage will be split between you and your plan.

Health insurance in Virginia:

Firstly, health insurance in Virginia was formerly the business of the federal government but in 2020, the State government of Virginia took over the duty.

Though there are plans for the residents to move fully to a new enrollment system by the state but currently, everyone that needs health insurance in Virginia still goes through the normal route.

The state of Virginia health insurance marketplace offers its services to individuals, families, and a little group health insurance coverage.

So, if you do not have your own health insurance coverage or from your employer, because you are self-employed, then you should enroll in the affordable care Act insurance also called Obamacare.

Obamacare gives the residents of the state of Virginia access to the federal health insurance marketplace. Even if you are eligible for Medicaid or Family Access Medical Insurance Security(FAMIS), you can still remain and benefit from the Obamacare program.

Meanwhile, there are short-term health care insurance plans that can benefit you according to the services provided by UnitedHealthcare.

The short-term plan could be for you:

If you know you did not apply for Obamacare also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), maybe because you did not qualify or you missed the enrollment period.

Maybe you are looking for another health care coverage to help you with Medicare.

You might be waiting for your new job’s health insurance coverage to kick in.

Just maybe you are not yet 65 years old.

Again, you are waiting for your Affordable Care Act to kick off.

If you fall into these categories, you rightfully need short-term health insurance coverage.

Remember, it is called a short-term plan for a reason. You only get to make do with it until you get a suitable long-term health care insurance plan.

Benefits of short-term health care insurance plan

You get to pick how long you want to be covered.

Fast and flexible health care coverage

You won’t be penalized when you decide that you’re no longer interested.

You can go for another short-term plan once you finish with the current one.

Low premium plans

No coverage requirements

Disadvantages of short-term health insurance plan

They do not cover pre-existing conditions

Not guaranteed

It is limited and may not cover all your medical needs.

They are meant to be temporary.

Short term insurance Companies in Virginia:


National General Accident and Health

Companion Life Insurance Company

Hospital and doctor insurance plan:

This plan pays cash for your medical services. You also get benefits even if you are covered by another plan. Again, there are no deductibles and copays.

Accident insurance:

Sadly, health emergencies do happen all the time especially when you do not expect them. This plan gets you ready even before the emergency comes.

An accident insurance plan with UnitedHealthcare pays your bills regardless of other plans you might be on.

Also, you will be receiving a fixed amount for any other incident related to an accidental injury.

Dental insurance carriers in Virginia

Americas life insurance corps

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

Golden Rule insurance company


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield


Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company

National General Insurance Company

Best cheap insurance companies in Virginia

Surely, you can find some quality yet affordable insurance companies in Virginia.  The state has a very robust health insurance industry that can take care of your medical concerns. All around you, you can see an affordable health plan.

Although, we all know affordable is relative but you never can tell. You only need to do your own research for what best works for you.

However, we have a list where you can begin.

  • Anthem HealthKeepers
  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co
  • Group Hospitalization and Medical Services Inc
  • CareFirst BlueChoice
  • Optima Health Plan
  • Oscar Insurance Company
  • Piedmont Community HealthCare HMO, Inc

Medical Assistant Programs:

Medical Assistant health care programs in Virginia have different coverage plans for whoever is interested to indulge. By the way, this includes different categories of people and their health needs.

Moreover, the eligibility for qualification differs accordingly too. If you want to enroll, you will be screened according to your age, income, health needs. So, you must meet the requirements, both financial and nonfinancial before you can enroll.

Final thought

The health insurance companies in Virginia, both private and the free ones offer different health care insurance plans with varying amounts. With your low-income still, there is always a health care company, even the government-owned that works with your budget.

Besides, in Virginia, you can sign up for your health insurance through the federal health insurance exchange at


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Best Health insurance companies in Virginia 2022
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