Best Insurance schools in Florida 2022

Top Insurance schools in Florida

Individuals interested in pursuing an insurance education can discover choices ranging from single programs to whole undergraduate and graduate degree courses at many insurance schools in Florida.

Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs in risk management and insurance are accessible at several business institutions, and these courses may include internship opportunities as well as online learning opportunities.

Anyone interested in pursuing a career as an insurance sales agent can discover pre-licensing courses and short-term professional programs that fulfill the requirements for licensure in the state of Florida on-campus and online.

For certified insurance professionals who need to renew their licenses, there are also continuing education courses available to them.


Insurance schools in Florida

Because the school you choose might have a huge influence on your future, Bestinsurancesphere compiled a list of insurance schools in Florida on this page to assist you in determining what school will be an appropriate fit for your needs.


Risk management and insurance programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels are available at this institution.

Courses in insurance products such as health, life, industrial, and property insurance plans as well as financial risk assessment and management are part of the bachelor’s degree program in risk management.

There is just one location for the master’s program, which is solely offered online. It comprises studies in insurance contracts as well as government rules and insurance agency operations, financial evaluation, risk analysis, calculation of value, and projection of necessary coverage.

Approximately two students are accepted into the Ph.D. program each year, and to be admitted, candidates must have a master’s degree and have completed courses in mathematics and economics as requirements.

In the Doctoral Program, students study corporate benefits packages as well as investment risk in the corporate world. There are also lectures on various insurance products, including life, health, properties, and liability.


Pre-licensing training for potential insurance agents, brokers, adjusters, and representatives is available online through Florida SouthWestern State College, which is based in Ft. Myers.

The college also provides educational courses for individuals who are already licensed. There are day, evening, and accelerated schedules available for the pre-licensing courses.

They are designed for those who want to become general line agents, general lines customer service staff, personal lines agents, life, health, and variable annuities sales agents, and insurance adjusters.

It also provides an online 40-hour course for people seeking the Registered Customer Service Representative Designation, whereby graduates will not be required to take the Florida licensing test after completing the course requirements.

Insurance adjusters, agents, and representatives are required to maintain current professional standards of education and expertise through 10-24 hours of ethics, law, and highly specialized deduction every two years, and the school provides several continuing education courses to help them meet this requirement.


Florida Insurance College is a digital school that offers instruction in four certifications, with the most highly rated being the 2-15 Insurance License, 4-40 Insurance License: Customer Service Representative, and Insurance License.

With a median completion time of 1 month, the length of time required to finish this education course varies from 5 hours to 1 month based on the certification.

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It costs $300 to $500 to study at Florida Insurance College, with a typical cost of $500, and the cost of attendance varies based on the qualification.


In addition to its physical location in Orlando, FL, Hilda Tucker’s Orlando Insurance School also provides lessons online.

A total of 8 certifications are available via this institution, with the most highly rated qualifications being the All Lines Public Adjuster License, the Cosmetology License, and the Customer Service Certification.

The time required to finish this education course varies from 6 hours to 9 days, depending on the certification, with a median duration of 12 hours required. With a typical cost of $495, the Orlando Insurance School by Hilda Tucker may be attended for as little as $400 or as much as $600, depending on your qualifications.


Andy Beverly Insurance School is based in Tampa, Florida, but it also provides lessons online through the Andy Beverly Learning Center.

This institution provides training in 39 different credentials, with the most popular qualifications being the Property and Casualty License, Health Insurance License, and Insurance License, among others.

Based on the certification, the time required to finish this education course varies from 12 hours to 3 months.

The average time required is 5 weeks. Based on your qualifications, the cost of attending Andy Beverly Insurance School can range anywhere from $250 to $1,000, with a median tuition fee of $500.


Gold Coast Schools is a private educational school that provides courses in insurance and financial management.

You have a choice between English and Spanish classes, as well as online and on-campus learning choices. It is possible to begin taking the online courses as soon as you sign up, and they are delivered in a self-paced style.

When calling, career counselors are available to address course registration questions around the clock, albeit you may get an answering service and then receive a call back from a career counselor.


The Insurance Institute of South Florida is a private organization based in Doral, Florida. General lines 2-20 Licensed and Customer Services Representative/ Insurance Agent Certificate are the two certifications offered by this institution, with the Customer Services Representative/ Insurance Agent Certificate being the most popular.

It is among the top insurance schools in Florida. The time required to finish this education instruction varies from 12 hours to 9.4 days, depending on the certification, with a median duration of 9.4 days required to complete. With a typical cost of $2,000, attendance at the Insurance Institute of South Florida ranges from $500 to $2,000, depending on your qualifications.


Morton Schools has a physical location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but it also provides programs over the internet.

Training is available in 19 qualifications at this institution, with the most well-reviewed qualifications being just the Health Insurance License, the 215 License, and the 215-Licensed life insurance license.

According to the qualification, the time required to finish this education program ranges from 1 week to 2 weeks.

The median time required to accomplish it is 1 week. Morton Schools have a variety of tuition costs ranging from $100 to $500 depending on the certification, with a typical cost of $350 per year.


The Florida Institute of Securities and Commerce Education (FISCE) launched a statewide program of continuing education programs for many registered agents in Florida.

Since then, FISCE has established itself as the industry leader in continuing education for property and casualty agents, life and health agents, and all-lines adjusters across Florida.


Following the completion of each session, dolphin insurance school provides students with a complete roadmap that allows them to track their progress.

Dolphin insurance school, which is staffed by a group of incredibly committed and high-quality instructors, is not only a place to impart information, but it is also a place to motivate students to explore and uncover many new and innovative ideas inside themselves.

Students can benefit from simple and exact teaching strategies that will enable them to simply absorb and apply newly acquired knowledge.

The following courses are offered at the school: License as a Health Agent and Life Insurance (Life and Variable Annuity and Health License 215), Continuing Education, General Lines Property and Casualty Qualification Course (220 License), Conversion Course 440 to 220 License, Personal Line Course 2044 License, and Continuing Education for those who are interested.


This is an insurance instructor who has received several awards. Education, such as webinars, continuing education, pre-licensing, text correspondence courses, and other methods of expanding students’ knowledge are all available.

Risk management, property insurance, liability insurance, marine insurance, personal lines insurance, all lines adjusting, and other services are available.

A source of insurance industry training, Central Insurance School offers pre-licensing seminars for a State insurance license, Continuing Education (CE) classes, and Designation Programs for insurance agents, customer service representatives, and catastrophe claim adjusters (Cat Adjusters).


Below are step-by-step approaches to obtaining an insurance license in Florida;

Completing an Insurance Prelicensing Course is the first step

Before taking the state licensing test, people seeking an insurance license in Florida must complete prelicensing requirements, which are outlined below.

  • Education Hour Requirements for Pre-Licensing Education
  • And for life insurance, 40 hours (including annuities as well as variable contracts).
  • 40 Hours of Physical Fitness
  • Health and Life Insurance (including Annuities and Variable Contracts): 60 hours.
  • 200 hours in general lines (including property & casualty).
  • 60-hour time limit for personal lines

Three (3) hours on the subject of ethics must be included in the above-mentioned number of hours.

Pass the Florida Professional Licensing Exam

After finishing the requisite prelicensing/exam preparation course, you must complete a state licensing exam to obtain your license. That is getting the original certificate should be kept by the applicant for their records.

It is only possible to obtain a license if the applicant has not only received a passing score, but also has finished and been approved of the application for licensure, has paid both the filing fee and the license fee, and has provided fingerprints to the licensing agency.

A passing score is effective for one (1) year from the day on which it was achieved unless otherwise stated. Failure to complete the licensing procedure within the one (1) year deadline will result in the requirement to retake and pass the licensing test.

Apply for a Florida insurance license.

Following successful completion of the examination, a licensure application must be filed electronically.

Due to special regulatory restrictions, candidates will get their photo license ID card by 2nd-day mail if their license application is approved by the Department. Candidates will be able to print their license when the Department has approved their application.

You must be issued a National Provider Number (NPN). This unique identification number is assigned during the license application process and is used to track persons and corporate organizations on a national level.

Many states utilize the National Producer Number (NPN) to substitute the producer license number.

Make a plan to obtain all of the necessary insurance. Continuing Education (CE) Credits 

Each insurance producer is required to comply with the continuing education requirements of their home state.


Here we have the perfect answers to the most asked questions about insurance schools in Florida;

  • How long would it take to obtain a Florida insurance license?

Approval of applications typically takes between 5 and 15 business days.

  • How can I obtain a Florida insurance license?
  1. Finish Florida’s pre-licensing education requirements.
  2. Apply for a Florida license.
  3. Fingerprinting and background checks are performed in their entirety.
  4. Train for and take the Insurance Licensing Examination.
  5. complete the license application review.
  • How demanding is the insurance test in Florida?

All Florida Insurance examinations are multiple choices with a passing score of 70%. The 2-40 Florida Health Agent License examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. 85 of the questions are scored, while 15 are “pretest” or unscored. To pass, you must correctly answer 60 questions.

  • Why do insurance brokers leave the industry?

The majority of agents depart due to a lack of sales to support themselves and their families; the only way to fix this is to learn how to generate more leads, richer leads, and check up on them.


Insurance is a significant financial commitment, and you will almost certainly acquire numerous policies throughout your life.

It is critical that you understand each form of insurance plan and how it operates to make a good decision about which policy to purchase.

Studying insurance has various sub-programs that fall under it, and with the help of the guide provided, you can decide which insurance schools in Florida you would like to attend.

Best Insurance schools in Florida 2022
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